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Camp Chef

Woodwind WiFi 24

If good food is your name and smoking is your game then hop on the Woodwind Wifi train. Equipped with our new PID and WIFI enabled controller, you’ll be able to change the temperature, set timers, and receive notifications when your meat reaches your set temperature—all from the palm of your hand.

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4.65 (20)
The F-15E of Smokers
I'm a fighter pilot, so standby for fast, pointy jet analogies. I did a ton of research before purchasing this smoker. I looked at an older model Traeger, larger and older Camp Chef models, Pit Boss, and other brands. Here's how they break down and compare: The Traeger is the F-35 of Smokers. It's super expensive, and not as useful or awesome as the price tag suggests. Objectively, the Camp Chef has literally all of the features of comparable Traeger models (in most cases MORE capability) with a lower price purely based on the brand name. The Pit Boss, Green Mountain, and other cheaper smokers are the F-16s of the smoker world. They are cheap, and okay if you need a specific mission but are not super capable. You probably need a lot of them to get the job done. The Camp Chef Woodwind Series are the F-15Es of the smoker universe. They are cost-efficient. Meaning, they're not the cheapest smokers on the market, but the capability-to-cost ratio is on the right side of 1. This smoker can do everything and do it well. Need wifi connectivity? Check. Need lots of space for multiple racks of ribs or a 24-pound brisket? Check. Need to change the smoke level by time of the grill? Check. (Also, no other grill can do this...). Cleanup? Easy peasy. The ash cleanout system is super easy to use and effective. Also, I love the direct flame option by removing the heat shield (not sure if that's the technical name for it, but it should be) to increase the grill temp more quickly and allow for super-high temps (such as 500 for a quick sear on some steaks). Like the mighty Strike Eagle, the Woodwind series Camp Chef smokers are manly, cost efficient, and more-than-capable of conquering any threat (grilling challenge) you can throw at it. No fighter pilot debrief would be complete without direct critiques. Here's the only negatives I've found in my 6 months of using this grill regularly: 1. The grease trap warps if you let the temp get too high. Still functional, just annoying. 2. The app isn't as good as Traeger's. Just download the Traeger app and steal the recipes. 3. Wish it had the option to startup without physically touching the switch. This is the only area that I think Traeger has a leg up on Camp Chef. Once you start it up, the connectivity is great. 4. I wish you could see a chart with your cooking stats (grill temp, time, probe temp rise, etc). See point 2. BLOB (Bottom Line On Bottom): Buy this and thank me later. If you want to be the fighter pilot of the grilling world, this is your weapon of choice.
Great so far!
This grill has been great so far! I was a little worried about it being small but it is more room than you would think, especially with the two top grates. Including 4 probes makes things really handy and the function and ease of use on the grill are top notch as far as I'm concerned. When I received the grill my internal probe had been damaged during shipping. I contacted Camp Chef and they had a new one to me in the mail within a week at no charge to me and with very little effort on my end. Good customer service for sure and makes me appreciate the company and their products even more. Assembly was pretty easy and only took me a half hour or so to complete. even without the instructions this could be completed fairly easily since everything seems to have an exact function. The added sear box is a really nice accessory also. I cranked it up to high to season it and burn off any packing greases or oils and after like 15 min the thing was nearly 1000 degrees so definitely keep an eye on it cause it will get very hot lol. The easy access to ash, pellet removal and direct flame are all great functions that you don't see on some other brands. Definitely value added with those and well worth having. The only negative I have to say is the lid is not insulated at all (which I knew when I bought the thing) so you will burn through pellets quite fast if doing cooks in the cold. Additionally, the pellets seems to bunch up on the sides of the hopper as it uses them so while you may still have a few pounds of pellets in the hopper they may not feed correctly. A little poke with a stick or something like that solves that pretty quickly but it would be nice if that didn't happen. To correct the uninsulated lid I will be buying one of the lid blankets offered for my grill before next winter to help cut down on pellet use. Overall I would recommend this grill to just about anybody looking for a quality pellet grill/smoker. It will do everything you want it to and with some of their accessories it will do even more.

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About Woodwind WiFi 24

Taste the difference and obtain flawlessly smoked food by tailoring your grill’s Smoke Number on the Camp Chef Connect App. Then, when the smoking ceases, clean-up is a breeze with our patented Ash Kickin’ Cleanout.

Instruction Manual

  • New, WIFI PID controller automatically maintains cooking temperature
  • Camp Chef Connect App compatible
  • 160°F up to 500°F temperature range for slow smoking to grilling (25,000 BTU)
  • Four stainless steel meat probes
  • Ash Kickin' Cleanout system (patented)
  • Slide and Grill Technology's Direct Flame grilling reaches 650°F (patent pending)
  • Smart Smoke Technology with 10 smoke level settings
  • Stainless steel fire box
  • Enamel-coated upper and lower grill grates
  • Heavy duty 50mm legs
  • Bottom utility shelf
  • Grease management system
  • Updated 22 lbs. pellet hopper with clean out purge
  • Pellet hopper window
  • Cord wrap handle
  • Bottle opener
  • Protective controller cover


  • Lower Rack Area: 19.5 in. x 22 in.
  • Upper Rack Area: 382 sq. in.
  • Total Rack Surface Area: 800 sq. in.
  • Side Shelf Dimensions: 16 in. x 12 in.
  • Chamber Capacity: 4850 cu. in.
  • Hopper Capacity: 22 lbs. of pellets
  • Overall Height: 42 in.
  • Overall Weight: 150 lbs.
  • Warranty: 3 years

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