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Keith Johnson

Green River, Utah

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About Me

I am a guide for Shane Scott Outfitting.
I spend countless hours in the mountains locating the best bulls/bucks the unit has to offer.
Setting up Trail Cams and cutting trails is how I spend my weekends.

Professional Experience

May 2010 - Today

Guiding big game hunts is a childhood dream. Working together with Shane to make your hunt the best it can be is my goal. We kill some of the best animals the units we hunt have to offer. Preseason scouting, watching the bulls and bucks put on new antlers each year, watching them progress into world class trophies is a great way to spend your summer.
Accommodations are unrivaled, you'll be staying in a deluxe travel trailer with hot meals, hot shower, and a warm bed...if we are lucky enough to have my wife come along for the hunt, she can prepare a meal that is sure to please. And for those early season sweaty hunts, how about relaxing under the AC unit in a recliner while watching hunting shows on a flat screen TV? call myself or Shane and lets get you booked on a great adventure!
Keith Johnson Cell 435-820-0820
Shane Scott Cell 435-201-4088

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