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Beartooth 80

The BEARTOOTH pack is built for the hunter who values varied access to the essentials and major load-hauling capabilities.

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4.9 (21)
Backcountry hunting expedition
I purchased the Beartooth 80 because i had become addicted to backcountry mule deer hunting. My previous hunting trips usually only lasted 3-5 days before refitting or having a large camp to come back to. In those days the MR Metcalf or Crewcab was always good enough and great options for meat hauling. In 2019 I flew into the Frank Church, in idaho and hunted for mule deer for 6 days. I loaded down my Crewcab, but I had a hell of a time carrying everything I needed. So in 2020, when I went back for an 8 day trip, I took the Beartooth 80. The pack performed perfectly. It was a great size and I was able to carry enough food, water and gear for both hunting and backpacking. I carried in about 80 pounds of gear on my back and from the landing strip, I hiked about 5 miles to where I set up camp on a ridge top at about 7K feet. I had to carry a lot of water because there was no water source near where I was camped. Having the Beartooth was essential to my success, especially when it came to carrying enough food and water. The guidelite frame was very comfortable and did not wear out my shoulders. The adjustments were simple and durable. The load shelf system is easy to use and has tons of room. I put both hind-quarters, backstraps and the head+hide on it in addition to about 40 lbs of gear. It sinches tight. Zero issues. The pack is water proof and kept my gear dry in snow and rain. Weather conditions were about 10-30 degrees F throughout my trip and i never had an issue with water/moisture leaking inside. Once I dumped my gear and camp I was able to sinch down the pack so it wasn't so big. It is a heavy pack for day hunting from camp, but for me the advantages were worth it. The water bottle pouches on the sides fit my large water bottle easily and i never had one fall out. The medium sized pocket on the back was perfect for puffy pants/jackets when I stopped to glass and the day pack lid is great for a kill kit and snacks. My favorite feature is the main pack zipper. It opens like a suitcase and is awesome for packing. I highly recommend this pack for trips more than five days and it's load-shelf performs beautifully. You can put as much weight in there as you can fit and it won't break on you. The only downside I have with the pack is the lack of interior pockets for organizing. This is more of a personal preference then a performance issue so just keep that in mind if you're looking at getting the Beartooth. All in all, five stars. I highly recommend this product from Mystery Ranch.
Awesome bag!
Just received my Beartooth, for anyone shopping bags I'm gonna leave my unbiased review comparing it to my Kuiu Icon Pro 5200. Pros: -durability//seems a little bit more rugged on the strap front and some of the connection points. -built in bladder holder unlike the add on pieces that require purchase for Kuiu if you want to center load it. - door design is much better with a shelf that that not everything dumps and will sit up on its own. - belt system is a flexible 3 squares on each side, allowing for some freedom of movement and less rigid adjustment - buckle system is much easier for the helmet removal and adjustment, as well as bigger anti slip buckles for the rest of the bag. Cons: - is situational to me or anyone coming from an icon but the biggest negative I have found without field testing is the 4730 CI VS 5200 CI. This is noticeable, still very spacious but I noticed the minor space difference. - the Velcro system on the buckles to hold excess is kind of annoying and probably not going to last in the long run - again situational to the icon pro, but losing the side pouches kind of hurt, I used those for a lot, including water so that it was not in my main compartment. - zippers are a little sticky but I will hit on this post hunting to see if they loosen Contents: As you can see in the picture my bag is loaded, for the guys/gals out there saying I can't really tell how much stuff that is or how heavy. Well here's the pack breakdown: MAIN BODY: 1. 2 ea diddy bags A. Kill kit//fixed blade, bone saw, gloves, 10 game bags B. Fire/misc kit//fire starter, cordage, hammock straps, extra gas, spikes, bowl, fork. 2. Therma-rest Pro-lite 4 season mat 3. 30 L food bag w/5 days of food currently, will be 9 in total 4. Klymit zero degree down bag, freeloaded throughout 5. Pillow about 6x12 6. Hammock double nest 7. 20x20 sil nylon 4 season tarp 8. Puffy pants(first lite uncompadre) Interior large pockets A. Battery pack, med kit, iPhone cord, solar pack charger B. Empty currently Exterior pockets: Back pocket: 1. Headlamps/extra batts Large front pocket: 1. Puffy jacket, beanie 2. Rain gear Side load pockets: 1. Trekking poles 2. Nalgene water bottle//32oz Center slung: 1. Springfield waypoint 2020 6.5 PRC/ Leupold Vx-5 glass , holds very tight on bag Bottom straps: -ass pad for hours of glassing Helmet: (url removed)ld wx gloves 2. Cook kit(pot with pocket rocket/titanium cup/gas inside of it) 3. Water pure(platypus) and extra sawyer backup with 1l drink bags Still have a few bits but sitting nice on the hips at around 45lbs currently. Reach out if you have questions, and good luck shopping!

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About Beartooth 80

Ample room for multi-day backcountry hunts.

The BEARTOOTH 80 pack is built for the hunter who values organization and varied access to the essentials. Built on our new Guide Light MT™ Frame, this pack offers major load-hauling capability and features a quick-attach frame capture for easier Overload® feature usage. The unique 270° “duffel-style” zipper opening offers easy access no matter how it’s packed – from the top, side, or bottom. Multiple pockets both outside and on the main opening’s inside flap keep all the essentials close at hand.

Key Attributes

  • The new GUIDE LIGHT MT™ FRAME (Mystery Tech) continues the load carriage tradition of the tried- and-true GUIDE LIGHT FRAME™ and its rigid yet dynamic frame system, but with a few discrete changes. Utilizing custom-developed SJ Autolock buckles throughout, this new hardware collection provides the perfect blend of strength and weight. The 500D Light Plus fabric delivers high tensile and tear resistance, key characteristics for a robust, purpose-driven hunting frame.
  • OVERLOAD® feature provides functional expandability via a load sling between the pack and the frame, allowing you to put the bulk of the weight closest to your back for optimal comfort.
  • The patented Futura Yoke easily micro adjusts to the torso length allowing the proper amount of stand-off between the back and frame.
  • The five-point waist belt incorporates the highly functional Redirect system and delivers solid weight distribution and eliminates slippage over your hips, regardless of the load.


  • 270° “duffel-style” access
  • New light weight SJ Autolock buckles
  • Removable lid with zippered pockets
  • Zippered face pocket
  • Side stretch outer pockets
  • Two inner zipper pockets on inside of opening flap
  • Compatible with quick attach for bow or rifle carry
  • Quick attach frame cap hardware provides easier Overload® feature conversion
  • Hydration reservoir compatible
  • Telescoping yoke for custom torso fit


  • 330D Lite plus CORDURA® fabric
  • YKK® zippers
  • Lightweight SJ Autolock buckles


  • Weight: 6.7 lbs
  • Volume: 5187 cu-in
  • Dimensions: 30.25"x15"x16.5"
  • Frame System: Guide Light MT Frame
  • Harnessing Style: Framed

Getting Your Size

The key to a confortable pack load is the properly fitting backpack. We've designed a more custom fit into our packs with simple sizing based off two measurements. To find the appropriate size waist and york for your pack, collect the following two measurements, then reference the sizing chart below.

Waist Circumference
Measure around your waist just above the top of your hip bones (roughly two fingers below your belly button).

Use a tailors tape measure or string and have a friend measure between the bony bump at the base of your neck (C7 vertebra) to the spot on your spine that is just behind your belly button.

Men's/Unisex Sizing

  • S

Torso: S/M

15 - 20 in

38 - 51 cm

Waist: XS/S

26 - 32 in

66 - 81 cm

  • M

Torso: S/M

15 - 20 in

38 - 51 cm

Waist: S/M

31 - 36 in

79 - 92 cm

  • L

Torso: L/XL

17 - 24 in

43 - 61 cm

Waist: M/L

35 - 40 in

89 - 102 cm

  • XL

Torso: L/XL

17 - 24 in

43 - 61 cm

Waist: L/XL

39+ in

100+ cm

Tech Specs

Guide Light MT Frame
SKU# WS19 Beartooth 80