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About FGX Balisong

Our new FGX Balisong is not a toy but it’s awfully hard to make yourself stop flipping it. Made entirely of Griv-Ex™ and other strategic non-metal materials, it’s a marvel of injection molding at a ridiculously low price.


The double-edged blade features a sharp, reinforced point and sports twin “grip and rip” serrated edges that will cut to the bone! The handles and retaining latch have also been carefully engineered to give the necessary weight for hours and hours of flipping fun while remaining all business when it comes to strength and reliability.

*NOT legal or available in all states or countries. Please check your local legalities before ordering. Cold Steel is not responsible for confiscated, incomplete or undelivered orders. This item is not able to be shipped to California. This item ships from our Arizona Warehouse.

Weight 2.2oz
Thickness 1"
Blade Length 5"
Blade Steel N/A
Handle 6" Griv-Ex™
Overall Length 11"
Additional Features N/A

Tech Specs

6 Inch Griv-Ex™
1 inch
Blade Length
5 inch
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FGX Balisong
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