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Dont mean to be rude but what is with the avian x pricing being so high? You are better off going to stores and paying full price they cost more here than in store and that is before tax and shipping.

Upland bird hunt…. Anyone in the Midwest/West states have land or lodging for a fall bird hunt?

Anybody have any insight on getting discounts for LifeStraw? Tells me not available to me.

Shay Helm
@casey9274 Hey Casey! Right now LifeStraw has closed its shop. But we are working on getting back on the grid! Once we get the good word we will for sure be letting everyone know. Though if you are looking for a fantastic water filtration option, take a look over at Grayl.

Hey everyone - what snowshoes should I get?

Doing some bear hunting (and shed hunting) this coming weekend in Montana in a spot that could have some deep snow in places. Pretty far back in for a few days. Good chance I'd be postholing without snowshoes and am looking for some recommendations for some super lightweight, shorter snow shoes. Anyone have recommendations on brands and specific models? Appreciate it. #snowshoes #nopostholing #springbear #montana
Karl Badger
Atlas Montane

Dose anyone have any recommendations on outfitters to work for in Alaska? I am a guid in MT and Idaho and my gal and I are looking for work as packers. Any recommendations are appropriated very much thank you. Nash Zimmerman.

Andrew George
You bet. Will do partner.
Andrew George
Hi, Great question. I've worked for Nate Turner for the last decade as an Assistant Guide. He is honest, ethical and a hard worker. I maybe looking for a packer to train in the next few years myself as I am just beginning my own business Word Of Mouth Guiding and Outfitting LLC.

Anyone have a recommendation for an outfitter in North Carolina for hog hunting? Thanks in advance!

Robert Gottshall Cottonwood Plantation. Had a great hunt with them and did some goose and duck hunting as well. Would certainly hunt with them again. Good huntin'

Does anybody have any experience with Gator Waders? Little bit interested in their products.

Shay Helm
@coleans18 Hey Cole! I don't have a ton of experience personally with them, but I have heard nothing but great things about the quality and performance!

I ordered coffee from dark Timber coffee 7 weeks ago and have not received it. I’ve tried contacting guidefitter through the help menu now multiple times with no response. Does anyone know how to get an order that’s been processing for 7 weeks?

Shay Helm
Hey Ed, Im the Customer service manager here at Guidefitter. I did a complete dive into our customer service systems searching with your name, phone number and email and pulled only one ticket where we shot you a response and asked for that order number to help out and get you an update. Unfortunately we never received a response after we reached back out to you. I will follow up with an email to ... Read more

Would anyone happen to have a used vortex spotting scope they'd part with?

Cheyenne Wallace
Hey Merritt! I have a Vortex Viper 20-60x85 (V502) I am looking at selling. If that is something that may fit your needs, feel free to shoot me over a DM! I picked it up in 2019, still in perfect condition, just looking to upgrade.