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Wes Armenta
Outfitter • Ruidoso, New Mexico
Wes Armenta
Outfitter • Ruidoso, New Mexico

Wes' Picks - New Mexico All Season Big Game

Over the years I have had the opportunity to field test every brand of gear, from the inexpensive options to pricier things to consider investing in - some by trial and error and some by observation. After guiding for 28 years and outfitting for over a decade, I've learned that hunting the wide variety of terrain in New Mexico, it can present unique challenges to both new and experienced hunters when they aren't familiar with the area and if they aren't properly equipped with adequate gear. I have been a lifelong hunter and have seen how technology and design is constantly evolving and someone is always coming out with the latest and greatest, this list will help you narrow it down.

-Wes Armenta, Bull Valley Outfitters
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Backpacks & Gear
Camping Equipment
Food & Nutrition


These are pricey investment pieces. There's a wide range of great less expensive options, but this is what I use.


Carl Zeiss Sports Optics
Crystal clear, gather a lot of light in low light conditions and it's very handy to have your range finder built into your binos.

Bino Harness

Keeps all the dust & debris out of the binos and keeps them dry.

Backpacks & Gear

Backpack/ Frame Pack

It is compact in size, but still has plenty of pockets without being too bulky.
I use this for packing out pretty much everything from elk sheds to quarters. It's lightweight and comfortable to wear and the Badlands system makes it convenient without having to strap in too many things.


Satellite Messengers

Garmin inReach Mini 2
An extremely reliable GPS and is great for communications in remote areas.

Gear- Accessories

As with a lot of accessories, there's hundreds to choose from. This is what I use and recommend.


Rhino Blinds 3-Person See Through Hunting Ground Blind
I like this for the tough, durable fabric and it has heavy duty poles that hold up well in all conditions.

Camping Equipment

Quality camping gear is extremely important when you're in the remote wilderness. It often snows during my archery elk hunts and the only way out is a 3 hour ride on a mule – these are the must-haves that I don't go without.


Cabela's Ultimate Alaknak 12'x20' Outfitter Tent
Very roomy, extremely waterproof, capable of using wood stove inside.

Sleeping Bag


Slumberjack Cots
Strong and durable, good for packing in on mules.
Jetboil Flash Camping and Backpacking Stove Cooking System
Compact, easy to pack, perfect for quickly heating water for coffee and dehydrated meals.

Food & Nutrition

Proper nutrition is key if your hunters aren't acclimated to high elevation, quickly changing temperatures, or if they're just not physically prepared for long days of hiking. Here's a few quality products that I like to use and are easy to throw in your pack.


MTN OPS – Their products come in single-serve packs so they're convenient, effective, and they have a wide variety of good flavors.


My mother-in-law's burritos are pretty hard to beat too :)


Clothing depends on a multitude of factors – any good outfitter will make sure you're prepared for your specific hunt at that time. Regardless of the situation, these are my go-tos.

Outerwear/ Jackets

KUIU Guide DCS Jacket
Waterproof, great outer layer, warm, lightweight.


Kenetrek Boots
Toughest, most waterproof boot I've ever worn.

Clothing - Accessories

Neck Gaiter

Wes Armenta
Outfitter • Ruidoso, New Mexico
Owner Bull Valley Outfitters
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