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Guide • Columbia Falls MT, Montana
Guide • Columbia Falls MT, Montana

September/October Archery Elk.

This will contain what I have accessible with me over a 5-week archery season where the weather can be 90's down into the 20's. This list will also overlap a lot with rifle season.

Location: Montana
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Backpacks & Gear
Food & Nutrition


I am a big fan of Maven optics. Their binos and rifle scopes are exceptional in my opinion for the price compared to other big brands. The spotting scope is top-notch as well but does fall a little short in comparison with the binos and rifle scopes.

Backpacks & Gear


Kifaru makes a heavier pack but it is a workhorse. I love the versatility/modularity of what you can do with it. Options are endless.


I am not a fan of replaceable blades. However, I do carry one but solely for caping if anything is heading to the taxidermist. A good fixed blade with the Worksharp field sharpener for quick hair-shaving touch-ups.

First Aid

For first aid I use a custom put together one with the basics.


Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls Signature Series
Have used RMHC for several years and have no reason not to. They have a diaphragm for every style and are easy to use. Several open reed calls to suit your fancy as well.
KT Tape
This is a game changer for my poor knees.


Rifle Equipment


Bergara barreled action 6.5PRC on an AG Composites. Custom 28 Nosler with a Proof barrel, Mesa Precison action, trigger tech primary, AG composite. Both topped with a Maven RS3

Guide • Columbia Falls MT, Montana
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