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25 Dinner Case (5 of Each Flavor)


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About 25 Dinner Case (5 of Each Flavor)

Our Heather's Choice Dinner Case includes five of each of our four dinner options. These meals include Smoked Sockeye Salmon Chowder, Dark Chocolate Chili, Chicken Molé with Rice, and African Peanut Stew.


Heather’s Choice dinners are a high calorie backpacking food option made with sustainably sourced proteins and whole foods ingredients. Our dehydrated backpacking foods contain no artificial flavors, MSG, fillers, or preservatives. Enjoy an ultralight backcountry meal made with all real ingredients, no surprises. Heather’s Choice backcountry meals and snacks provide an allergen-safe backpacking food option for individuals with a wide range of dietary restrictions. Our dinners are free of gluten, soy, eggs, tree nuts, and dairy.

Heather's Choice meals have a one year shelf life from the produced on date. For ingredient information and nutrition facts, please see the individual product listings.

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25 Dinner Case (5 of Each Flavor)
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