Important: As you know, we require all professionals to re-verify their Insider Status with us annually, to ensure their access to gear discounts. Don't let your Insider Status Expire! Your pro program subscriptions will no longer be available.

Preparation: Please have your documents prepared and ready to access on your device to upload during the process. You can scan or take a picture.

We need at least 2 documents from this list: Business Card, Brochure Promoting Your Business, Copy of Liability Insurance, Copy of Guide or Outfitter License, First Aid Card, Recent Pay Stub, Letter From Your Employer, Membership in State / Province Guide Association, US Forest Service and / or BLM Permits.

Before your Verified Insider Status expires, we send a couple of emails to remind you about the renewal process. If you missed them, you can renew it from this page.

If you didn't mean to let your status expire, that's okay! You can re-apply to become a Verified Insider. You will have to enroll in your favorite brands' pro programs again, but that's a fairly fast process.

Important: Find any SIGN IN button. Once signed in, you will be returned to this page. Click on Renew Your Insider Status button to start.

If you have any questions and you need help with the renewal process, we're here to help. Just send an email to