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Chris McCabe

Missoula, Montana

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About Me

I have been in the hunting/ fishing business for 50 years as a retailer, guide/ outfitter and consultant for sporting adventures worldwide. I have resided in Montana for the last 25 years.

Professional Experience

May 1978 - November 2017

I have guided Hunting and Fishing trips since 1978 from California to Montana to the Northwest Territories, Canada. Still guiding in Montana and California.

My Braggin' Wall

Jan 16 2019
San Juaquin Valley, California
May 1 2016
Western Montana

Nov 12 2013
Alberta Canada
Nov 14 2007
Feb 1 2011
Central California Coast
Dec 15 2016
Wolf Creek, MT.
Feb 12 2015
Apr 23 2014
Big Hole River, Montana
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