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Province of the Western Cape, South Africa
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Buffalo, Antelope, Spiral-horned Antelope, Wildebeest/Hartebeest, Jackal, Elephant, Rhinoceros, Leopard, Oryx, Duiker, Crocodiles, Baboon, Hyena, Genet, Zebra, African buffalo, Plains Zebra, Giraffe, Springbuck, Klipspringer, Steenbok, Roan Antelope, Sable Antelope, Nyala, Kudu, Bontebok/Blesbok, Red Hartebeest, Black Wildebeest, Blue Wildebeest, Bangweulu Tsessebe, Warthog, Black-backed Jackal, Caracal, African Elephant, White Rhinoceros, Hippo, Lion, Common Leopard, Impala, Waterbuck, Lechwe, Gemsbuck, Common Duiker, Nile crocodile, Chacma Baboon, Brown Hyena, Small-spotted Genet
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African hunting offers the most exhilarating and rewarding experience. It is a continent blessed with rich diversity; it is here where every hunter longs to be, matching his skills against those of his quarry, be it the shy and elusive Leopard or a fearless old Dagga boy, it is here where you will hear the roar of the Lion as the sun sets against a backdrop of clear skies and where you will experience the smell of a bushveld campfire as it delicately creeps up your nostrils...

This is the land of far horizons, of endless plains teeming with game. This is the land all hunters dream about and long for... this is Africa!


From $4,150.00 to $15,750.00

Pricing Details

7-Day Cape Buffalo Bull:
1-on-1 US$ 15,750.00
2-on-1 US$ 14,850.00 pp

7-Day Cape Buffalo Cow
US$ 7,350.00
US$ 6,450.00 pp

7-Day Plains game package

1-on-1 US$ 6,450.00
2-on-1 US$ 5,350.00 pp
1 x Kudu OR 1 x Nyala
1 x Blesbuck
1 x Warthog
1 x Blue Wildebeest
1 x Impala
1 x Grey Duiker
7 x nights' accommodation (6 days' full time hunting)

7-Day Lowveld package

1-on-1 US$ 4,950.00
2-on-1 US$ 4,150.00 pp
1 x Zebra OR Blue Wildebeest
1 x Blesbuck
1 x Impala
1 x Warthog
1 x Limpopo Bushbuck
7 x nights' accommodation (6 days' full time hunting)

7-Day Plainsgame Hunt in the Grasslands of South Africa

1-on-1 US$ 5,650.00
2-on-1 US$ 4,650.00 pp
1 x Springbuck
1 x Blesbuck
1 x Grey Duiker OR Steenbuck
1 x Black OR Blue Wildebeest
1 x Gemsbuck OR Red Hartebeest
7 x nights' accommodation (6 days' full time hunting)

7-Day Lion Hunt in the Kalahari region of South Africa
1-on-1 from US$ US$ 16,950 to 26,500
2-on-1 from US$ 16,250 to US$ 24,450

7-Day Lioness Hunt in the Kalahari region of South Africa
1-on-1 US$ 10,950.00
2-on-1 US$ 9,850.00 pp

Zululand Package

1-on-1 US$ 5,270.00
2-on-1 US$ 4,750.00
1 x Spotted Hyena
1 x Nyala
1 x Bushpig
1 x Zebra OR Blue Wildebeest
1 x Impala
7 x nights accommodation/6 x days hunting

Africa's Favorites

10 Animals, 7 days, 2 hunters 2-on-1
Unbeatable at only US$ 6,650 per person!!! The 1-on-1 rate is US$ 7,950.
You decide on who shoots what specie:

1 x Kudu OR 1 x Nyala
2 x Blue Wildebeest
2 x Warthog
2 x Impala
1 x Zebra
2 x Blesbuck
7 x nights' accommodation (6 days' fulltime hunting)

Add-on species

Baboon $200
Kudu above 59 7/8 inches $3000
Black Springbuck $1500
Lechwe $2750
Black Wildebeest $1150
Leopard P.O.R
Blesbuck $475
Lion P.O.R
Blue Wildebeest $1350
Lioness P.O.R
Blue Duiker $2750
Mountain Reedbuck $1250
Bontebok $2750
Mountain Zebra $2750
Buffalo (Cape) P.O.R
Nyala $2750
Bushbuck (Limpopo) $1500
Oribi $3000 Bushpig $600
Red Duiker $1550
Caracal $2000
Red Hartebeest $1400
Common Reedbuck $1400
Roan Antelope P.O.R
Copper Springbuck $1800
Rhinoceros P.O.R
Crocodile P.O.R
Sable Antelope P.O.R
Eland $2850
Serval $3000
Elephant P.O.R
Springbuck (Common) $475
Fallow Deer $1000
Springbuck (Kalahari) $1500
Gemsbuck $1550
Steenbuck $500
Giraffe $ 3,150
Suni $2750
Grey Duiker $450
Tsessebe $2500
Grey Rhebuck $1500
Warthog $475
Grysbuck (Cape) $1750
Waterbuck $2500
Hippopotamus P.O.R
White Blesbuck $875
Impala $475 White
Springbuck $1750
Jackal (Black-back) $100
Zebra (Burchells) $1750
Klipspringer $1550

Kudu under 59 7/8 inches $2200 |
Ostrich $ 350

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