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New Jersey, United States
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Pheasant, Partridge, Quail, Ringneck/Blue Pheasant, Chukar Partridge, Northern Bobwhite
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Acres of fields resting fallow or ripe with crops lure pheasants, chukar and ducks... elusive birds that make for great gunning and excellent sport. Upland game birds are replenished frequently through out out the season, and special secondary releases often occur immediately prior to the arrival of hunting parties.


From $255.00 to $675.00

Pricing Details

* Upland Hunting Fees (1 to 4 hunters per party) *

12 Pheasant Hunt $375.00
(This is the minimum hunting package offered for parties of 1 to 4 gunners.Extra birds, $26.00 each)

25 Pheasant Hunt $675.00 (Extra birds, $24.00 each)

16 Chukar Partridge Hunt $375.00 (Extra birds, $19.00 each)

* Combination Hunt *

8 Pheasants and 6 Chukar $375.00
Extra birds, Pheasants $26.00 each; Chukar $19.00 each.

18 Pheasants and 10 Chukar $675.00
Extra birds, Pheasants $24.00 each; Chukar $19.00 each.

* 1 or 2 Hunters Special *

8 Pheasants $295.00
6 Pheasants and 4 Chukar $295.00
12 Chukar $295.00
Extra birds, Pheasants $26.00 each; Chukar $19.00 each.
Guided Hunts, Add $20 ground fees per person
Non-guided Hunts, Add $10 ground fees per person

* Special Quail Hunts *

Quail, 20 Quail Minimum $255.00
Extra quail $10.00

40 Quail $415.00
Extra quail $10.00

60 Quail $575.00
Extra quail $8.00

(2 Hunter Maximum for Guided Hunts)
Quail Hunt with guide & dog add $75.00
Non-guided hunts add $10.00 per person

* Full Day Hunting Special - $365.00 per person

Enjoy a full day of upland and waterfowl hunting.

Half day of pheasant hunting
Lunch at the clubhouse
Round of 50 sporting clays
Half day of duck hunting
Each hunter entitled to harvest 4 pheasants and 10 ducks
Guide & dog included

Cleaning Fees
Pheasant, Chukar, Ducks $4.00
Quail $2.00


Membership packages are available for individuals or groups (individually or collectively) who wish to hunt with their own dog, and without an M&M professional guide. Maximum number of 4 hunters per party

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