Bighorn Sheep and Mountain Dall Sheep Hunts


Bighorn Sheep and Mountain Dall Sheep Hunts
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Sheep, Bighorn Sheep, Thinhorn Sheep
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Yes, it's true. These sheep were originally purchased in 1968 from a wealthy Pittsburgh philanthropist who has been experimenting with Big Horn and Dall varieties. He wanted to breed animals that could survive and remain healthy in the wilds of the Pennsylvania mountains. By 1968 he had succeeded, but has lost interest in continuing the project any further.

Our location is in west-central Pennsylvania. The elevation averages around 1700 ft. above sea level. Our winters can get as cold as 20 below zero and our summers can get up to 100+ degrees. These factors could easily be handled by pure bred Bighorn and Dall sheep, however, the dampness of our climate and low elevation in this eastern area causes pneumonia in pure breed mountain sheep. Such animals cannot live here. Our sheep are not pure blooded but specially bred to survive in this environment. They are approximately 7/8 pure Bighorn and Mountain Dall sheep.


From $3,500.00

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  • All hunts are professionally guided by one of our experienced staff who work hard to insure you have a superb hunting experience

** Bighorn and Mountain Dall Sheep Hunting Packages: (prices are per Animal and Horn Size)

7/8 California Bighorn Sheep: Starting at $2,500*
7/8 Mountain Dall Sheep: Starting at $2,500*
Management Hunts (Crossbred and Mouflon Sheep): Starting at $2,000*
*Prices subject to change.

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Reservations are required with minimum of 3 day notice. Reservations must be guaranteed with a 50% deposit or credit card.

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