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Washington, United States
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Bear, Deer, Black Bear, Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer, Wild Turkey
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Bow, Rifle, Muzzleloader


Bear hunts last four days. We will be hunting on old logging roads with numerous berry patches in the area. Hunting open hillsides with rocks, coming out of orchards and covering country are how we pursue these animals. Hunting starts the beginning of August and runs through the first part of October. Early in the season it can be pretty hot, so most of the hunting will be done early in the morning and just before dark.
Deer - Nobody has to battle the deer hunting crowds on public land where 1 in 10 hunters successfully find a legal buck. We guarentee you'll find a buck you'll want to shoot.
Turkey hunts last three days. If you have never experienced the rush of a big Tom gobbler running into your calling, you are missing out! This is very similar to elk coming into your calls. You hear them gobbling and getting closer, then all of a sudden, they appear right in front of you.


From $500.00 to $5,000.00

Pricing Details

Mule Deer Hunting Rates

1×1 rates (prices include sales tax)
Muzzleloader or Rifle, Mule Deer Hunt(4 days): $3,000
September Archery Mule Deer Hunt (5 days): $3,000
Late Archery Mule Deer: $5,000

2×1 rates
Muzzleloader or Rifle, Mule Deer Hunt (4 days): $2,800

Whitetail Deer Hunting Rates

1×1 rates (prices include sales tax)
Muzzleloader or Rifle, Whitetail Hunt (4 days): $3,000
September Archery Whitetail Hunt (5 days): $3,000
Late Archery Whitetail Hunt (5 days): $3,500

2×1 rates
Muzzleloader or Rifle, Whitetail Hunt (4 days): $2,800


1×1 rates
4 Day Hunt: $2,000

Turkey Hunting Rates

2015 rates
5 Day Hunt 2 birds $1500
3 Day Hunt 1 bird $950
1 Day Hunt 1 bird $500
Turkey: Season April 15th- May 30th (approximate)

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