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Goat, Sheep, Oryx, Barbary Sheep, Wild Goat, Gemsbuck
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Bow, Rifle, Muzzleloader
CO Lic #1170


iowa Hunting Service offers hunts for free ranging Oryx (Gemsbok) on White Sands Missile Range (WSMR) and also on McGregor Range. These hunts normally have over a 90% hunter success rate.

This hunt is for free ranging Barbary Sheep (Aoudad) in New Mexico. It is an excellent hunt for excellent animals.

We've been guiding ibex hunters continuously since 1984. We personally guide hunters and also train the rest of the staff and coordinate the daily hunt activities. We maintain our reputation as the best service available to ibex hunters by providing experienced, dedicated, and well trained people who work together in effective ways to conserve everyone's physical energy and save time in the process of providing shot opportunities on high quality billies.


From $850.00 to $3,500.00

Pricing Details

Public Land Gemsbok (Oryx)

  • 2x1: $1,200.00 + 8% tax
  • 1x1: $1,500.00 + 8% tax

No Frills Package:

  • 2x1: $850.00 + 8% tax
  • 1x1: $1,000.00 + 8% tax

Aoudad Sheep Hunt

  • 2x1: $3,000.00 + 8% tax
  • 1x1: $3,500.00 + 8% tax

Oryx Hunt

  • 3 days:$3,600.00 + 8% tax
  • 4 days:$4,300.00 + 8% tax
  • 5 days:$4,950.00 + 8% tax
  • 6 days:$5,560.00 + 8% tax
  • 7 days:$6,100.00 + 8% tax
  • 8 days:$6,600.00 + 8% tax
  • 9 days:$7,000.00 + 8% tax
  • 10 days:$7,400.00 + 8% tax
  • Additional days:$850 + 8% tax

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