Western Kentucky Predator Hunts


Western Kentucky Predator Hunts
Predator/Varmint Hunt


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Evansville Regional Airport (EVV)
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Fox, Lynx, Coyote, Gray Fox, Red Fox, Bobcat, Southeastern Coyote
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Bow, Rifle, Shotgun


Predator hunting takes patience. You have to disappear into your surroundings. At times you must have patience you thought you never had. Predator hunting often involves sitting still for long periods of time while only using your eyes to scan the terrain in front of you. Even the most attractive calls that may be a dinner bell to a bobcat, coyote or fox means little without patience, being quiet and still.

At times we have predators come racing in to to calls. Other times they take a cat like approach, taking their time, work to get down wind before making a final approach, all the while using their sharp eyes to key on your position.

Predator hunting often requires being mobile. Hunting several setups on multiple properties is common. Coyotes can cover miles each day in search of food, especially during the winter months. A coyote that left sign today could be 6-8 miles away tomorrow.

Not every hunt will end in success, but persistence is a key to being successful here.


From $275.00

Pricing Details

2017-Predator Hunting - $275 (up to 2 people)

*Coyote can be hunted all year, while bobcat and fox can only be hunting during furbearer seasons (November-January/Feb).

**Predator can also be conducted at night beginning February 1st for the length of the determined season with SHOTGUN only.

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Deposit is required to book. Hunt price does not include food, lodging or licenses.

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