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Texas (US)
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Deer, Antelope, Sheep, Chital, Red Deer, Blackbuck, Mouflon, Corsican Ram, Texas Dall Sheep, Hawaiian Black Sheep
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Axis: A truly majestic animal, the axis dear will make a great addition to any trophy room. The majority of our axis loose there horns during late november and early December, greatly reducing the hunting pressure on them during our white tail seasons. With their velvet beginning to shed around the march and april, and the run getting into full swing around mid July, the summer time becomes the perfect time to hunt this challenging animal. We employ spot and stalk methods of hunting, as well as hunting out of ground blinds or tree stands located near water holes during the heat of the summer. With large numbers of axis on our properties, the hunter can expect to see many trophy animals and will a very high opportunity at taking a great axis.
Ram Hunts: Ram Hunting with TNT Outfitters
TnT Outfitters offers a variety of trophy ram hunts on our Texas Hill Country properties. We have species ranging from Texas doll, Corsicans, and Black Hawaiians, to Painted Dessert rams and Barbados.


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