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Texas (US)
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Deer, Antelope, Spiral-horned Antelope, Goat, Chital, Sable Antelope, Bongo, Alpine Ibex
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If you're looking for some of the finest exotic animals to hunt, look no further than the ADL7 Hunting Ranch.

Here you'll find some top - notch exotic animals such as Axis Bucks, Bongo, Ibex, Sable, Transcaspian Urial, and much much more.

We suggest you make your final decision on which trophy you'd like to take home when you get to the ADL7 Ranch. Otherwise, you may find yourself changing your mind because of the incredible selection we have to offer.

Please be aware that the minimum caliber is .243 on rifles, and mechanical broadheads are welcome here.


Pricing Details


Please note the prices below are for your trophy only.Lodging,

Meals, guides, skinning, quartering and transportation

While on the ranch are $300 per day, non hunting guests & photo safari's are $150 Per guest per day.Also included are

Catch and release fishing, lodging amenities, and skeet shooting.

( A fee of $30 (url removed) required FOR ANIMALS DONATED TO HUNTERS FOR THE HUNGRY)

Airport shuttle is available round trip from San Antonio or Laredo airports for $600 per round trip of up to 13 passengers.

--Addax $5,500 -- Himalayan Tahr $4,500

--Aoudad $4,000-- Impala $5,500

--American Ibex $3,500-- Kudu $15,000 -- $20,000

--Axis Bucks $4,000-- Manchurian Sika $3,500

--Axis Does $600-- Markhor $300 an Inch

--Blackbuck $3,500-- Merino Rams $2,500

--Blackbuck Does $500-- Mouflan Rams $3,750

--Black Hawaiian Rams $2,500--Nilgai $5,000

--White, Spotted & Chocolate Fallow $5,000--Pure Ibex $300 an Inch

--Barrasinga $5,500--Red Lechwe $6,500

--Bison Bulls and Cows $4,500-$5,500--Red sheep $5,500 TO $6,500

--Black Wildebeast $9,000--Red Stag $4,500 & Up

--Spring Bok $6,000--Roan $15,000 - $20,000

--Blesbok $6,500--Sable $15,000 - $20,000

--Blue Wildebeast $6,000--Scimitar Horned Oryx $5,000

--Bongo $30,000 -40K--Thomson's Gazelle $7,500

--Catalina Goat $2,500--Transcaspian Urial $20,000 -$40k

--Corsican Ram $2,500--Texas Dall Rams $2,500

--Desert Paint ram $2,500--Water Buffalo $3,500-$5,500

--Dybowski Sika $5,500--waterbuck $6,500

--Eland $4,500 – $6,000-- Watusi $3,500

--Elk Bulls $5,000 & Up-- Yak $3,500

--Elk Cows or Barrasingha cows $1,000-- Zebra Stallion $6,000

-- Four Horn Sheep (Jacobs) $2,500-- Nyala $12,000

-- Gemsbok $7,500-- Ostrich $3,000

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