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Deer, Elk Hunts
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Michigan (US)
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Deer, Elk, Whitetail Deer
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Bow, Rifle, Muzzleloader


We call and stalk the rutting big bulls while staying in our clean, spacious and comfortable lodge. We are high fence elk hunting within deer preserves (deer hunting is optional) on hundreds of acres within nature's best habitat. As I guide you on your Michigan hunt for a trophy elk bull, I guarantee that you will be overwhelmed with our enormous bulls.
Come and hunt elk (deer are optional) using a bow, muzzle loader, or rifle! You decide when you see the trophy bulls & bucks, and you decide to shoot or not to shoot.


From $1,950.00 to $17,500.00

Pricing Details

Elk Hunt Pricing
5X5 Point Elk Price - $3,500
6X6 Point Elk Price - $4,500
300 to 339 Inch Elk Price - $5,500
340 to 369 Inch Elk Price - $6,500
370 to 399 Inch Elk Price - $7,500
400 to 419 Inch Elk Pricing - $8,500
420 to 439 Inch Elk Pricing - $10,500
440 to 459 Inch Elk Pricing - $12,500
460 to 479 Inch Elk Pricing - $15,500
480 to 499 Inch Elk Pricing - $17,500

Deer Hunt Pricing
up to 129 inches $1,950
up to 139 inches $2,500
up to 149 inches $3,500
up to 159 inches $4,500
up to 169 inches $5,500
up to 179 inches $6,500
up to 189 inches $8,500
up to 199 inches $9,500

2015 Deer & Elk Hunt Pricing Includes:

2-night accommodations in our beautiful hunting lodge.
Transportation to and from airport (small fee).
Delicious meals prepared by our chef
Field dress and deliver meat to a local processor if desired
Deliver cape and antlers to our local taxidermist if desired. We recommend The Wildlife Gallery and Legends Taxidermy.
Prices are all inclusive except for guide tips, butchering, & taxidermy charge.

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