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Manica Province (MZ)
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Buffalo, Antelope, Spiral-horned Antelope, Wildebeest/Hartebeest, Elephant, Reedbuck, Duiker, Crocodiles, Baboon, Zebra, Suni, Oribi, Cape Grysbok, Sable Antelope, Nyala, Bushbuck, Kudu, Eland, Hartebeest, Bushpig, Warthog, Lion, Impala, Red Forest Duiker, Common Duiker
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Rifle, Shotgun


If you are not into hunting, are a "birder," or just want to view and photograph the wonders of Africa, Gajogo's Photo Safaris provide you that unique opportunity to get just the right shot. Gajogo's "rustic luxury" thatched camps are reminiscent of Africa's Golden Age of Safaris...uniquely inviting and charming; including personal involvement with Natives.

Spend as much time as you want learning, photographing, and enjoying their local culture. The photos you take are of a time that certainly is fleeting and will be lost forever. Besides spending time with locals, each day will be filled with the thrills and adventure of stocking birds or animals with only your lens, which isn't as easy as you'd think. (But, for your protection, an armed guide will always be present just in-case some animal gets offended by having to smile excessively for your camera). This is wild Africa; virgin trees, awesome rocks, and more opportunity than is imaginable.


Pricing Details

HUNT RATES by Category

Plainsgame $8,000
Plainsgame $5,500
Plainsgame $9,000
Plainsgame $6,000
Elite & Plainsgame $10,000
Elite & Plainsgame $7,000
Elite & Plainsgame $11,000
Elite & Plainsgame $8,000
Buffalo, Elite & Plainsgame $20,000
Buffalo, Elite & Plainsgame $15,000
Leopard, Buffalo, Elite & Plainsgame $25,000
Leopard, Buffalo, Elite & Plainsgame $19,000
Elephant, Buffalo, Leopard, Elite, & Plainsgame $35,000
Elephant, Buffalo, Leopard, Elite, & Plainsgame $25,000
Dangerous, Elite & Plainsgame $40,000
Dangerous, Elite, & Plainsgame $30,000
Dangerous, Elite & Plainsgame $50,000
Dangerous, Elite & Plainsgame $35,000

*Bow Hunting Rates: Deduct 15% from above price structure

TROPHY FEES* within Hunt Categories

Dangerous Game:

Elephant $15,000
Lion $10,000
Leopard $5,000
Buffalo $4,000

Elite Game:
Hippo $4,000
Sable $4,000
Crocodile $4,000
Nyala $4,000


Hartebeast (Lichtenstein) $2,250
Kudu ≥ 50" $2,000
Eland $2,000
Zebra (Crawshay's) $2,000
Reedbuck $850
Suni $850
Red Duiker $850
Bushbuck $800
Oribi $750
Bushpig $500
Warthog $500
Kudu Cow $400
Impala $400
Grysbok $400
Baboon $300
Grey Duiker $300
Impala $100

Note: all wounded animals (draw blood) are classified as trophy animals. All hunters (including bow) must heed.
Trophy fee rates are assessed based on the 'year of commencement' of the hunt (this may differ from the price quoted when booked).
No birds are permitted to be exported from Mozambique.

  1. Park Inn by (url removed)> or other equivalent Hotel (≥4 Star).
  2. Currently Elephant can not be imported into the USA (other countries ok).
  3. Leopards and Crocodiles require CITES permit for USA.

Daily Rates˚ for Non-Hunting Safaris

˚Camera Safari Rates: $300 per person per day ($500/couple), plus $250 per safari cruiser per day (stay within Coutada 9).
Camera Safari vehicle capacity: maximum of 4 clients per vehicle
˚Excursion Safari Rates: Customized Excursions: $300 per person per day ($500/couple), plus $250 per vehicle per day, plus fees & accommodations (leave Coutada 9-Tour guide, Driver, Spotter). See "EXCURSION PRICES" on page 11 for package for additional inquires.
Excursion vehicle capacity: maximum of 3 clients per vehicle.

Terms & Conditions

Upon booking your safari, a $500 "Booking Fee" is due as earnest money to "save the date" and will be credited toward Trophy fees at the completion of your safari. A deposit of 50% of your total hunt rate is required 45 days after booking your safari, which coincides with finalization and signatures of your Safari Contract. The final 50% deposit of your total hunt rate is due when billed 6 months prior to the commencement of your safari. All payments are due within 30 days of the due date, or your safari is subject to cancellation do to lack of payment. The "Booking Fee" is non-refundable for lack of any payment. Your "Final Safari Invoice" which includes Trophy fees from animals killed (or wounded, draw blood) is payable upon receipt. Your trophies may be "held" awaiting payment in full of your "Final Safari Invoice" (Gajogo is not responsible for damage to trophies pending extended delays awaiting this payment, and after one year, reserves the right to dispose of the trophies by any legal means). Hunt rates become locked upon commencement of your safari unless you choose to "move-up/upgrade" the Hunting Category of your safari (this increases the total Hunt Rate cost of your Safari by hunting or harvesting a higher valued Hunting Category trophy animal). Trophy fee rates are based upon the Gajogo Safarilands Price Guidelines for the year that your safari commences, which can be different from the price originally quoted when booked. Gajogo Safarilands does accept credit cards with 3% fee, and Personal Cheques, Certified Cheques, Traveler's Cheques, Money Orders, Bank Wires, Electronic Transfers, or Cash are all acceptable. Prices are subject to change without notice. Payments should be made in USA dollars to: Gajogo Safarilands, LLC (unless otherwise arranged).

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