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Exotic Hunts
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Texas (US)
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Buffalo, Deer, Antelope, Spiral-horned Antelope, Wildebeest/Hartebeest, Goat, Sheep, Oryx, Zebra, Muntjac, Chital, Red Deer, Père David's Deer, Rusa Deer, Brow-antlered Deer, Barasingha, Blackbuck, Thomson's Gazelle, Dama Gazelle, Grant's Gazelle, Roan Antelope, Sable Antelope, Nilgai, Kudu, Bongo, Eland, Addax, Barbary Sheep, Nubian Ibex, Hybrid Ibex, Himalayan Tahr, Thinhorn Sheep, Mouflon, Impala, Waterbuck, Nile Lechwe, Gemsbuck, Arabian Oryx, Scimitar Oryx
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Indianhead Expeditions offers 50+ Different Species of Exotics on several Privately Owned Ranches in Texas as well as on the Main Ranch: Indianhead Ranch. Indianhead Expeditions provides hunting lodges, hunting trips and hunting guides for these Texas Exotic game hunts as well as some Trophy whitetail hunts.


Pricing Details

Exotic native Species Subject to quota/season

Deer, Barasingha $5,500 June-dec
Deer, axis $3,000 may-sept
Deer, Eld's $8,500 dec-march
Deer, fallow $3,000 sept-march
Deer, hog $4,800 oct/nov/dec
Deer, pere david $4,500 may-oct
Elk $4,500+ sept-feb
Mountain lion sept-april
Mule deer, free-range thks-mid dec
Muntjac $1,600 oct-feb
Nilgai bull free-range nov-april
Nilgai cow free-range nov-april
Pronghorn october
Red stag $4,500+ Sept-feb
Sambar $3,500 sept-feb
Sika, common $2,000 sept-feb
Sika, Manchurian $4,500 sept-feb
Turkey, rio grande $400 nov/dec/april
Texas Pig Hunts YEAR-ROUND
Texas Whitetail Hunts estate & free-range

Year-round species

Addax $5,000
Aoudad estate $3,500
Aoudad free-range
Bison bull $5,500
Bison cow $1,200
Blackbuck $2,500
Bongo p.o.r
Buffalo, asian water $2,500
Eland $4,500
Gazelle, dama $9,500
Gazelle, grant's p.o.r
Gazelle, thomson
Gemsbok $6,500
Goat, catalina $1,750
Ibex, hybrid $3,500+
Ibex, nubian $12,000+
Javelina $1,000
Kudu p.o.r
Lechwe, nyle $9,500
Lechwe, red $3,500
Markhor, bokharan $12,000+
Mouflon, armenian $3,500-4,500
Mouflon, european $3,500
Nilgai estate $4,000
Nyala p.o.r
Oryx arabian $12,000
Oryx, scimitar-horned $4,500
Roan antelope p.o.r
Sable p.o.r
Sheep, black hawaiian $750-1,750
Sheep, corsican $750-1,750
Sheep, four-horned $750-1,750
Sheep, iranian red $4,800
Sheep, stumberg $4,000-8,000
Sheep, texas dall $750-1,750
Tahr, himalayan $4,500
Transcaspian urial p.o.r.
Waterbuck $5,000
Watusi $3,750
Wildebeest $5,500
Zebra $5,000

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