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Texas (US)
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Deer, Antelope, Goat, Sheep, Oryx, Chital, Red Deer, Barbary Sheep, Thinhorn Sheep, Mouflon, Dall Sheep, Corsican Ram, Texas Dall Sheep
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The FF Hunting Ranch located in Sutton County south east of Sonora, Texas was established in 2005. The ranch offers Texas deer hunting packages for a variety of free ranging game including Whitetail deer, Axis deer, Black Buck antelope, wild hogs and Rio Grande turkey. Texas deer hunting packages for super trophy animals is available in portions of the ranch under high fence including trophy whitetail deer and exotics such as Axis, Fallow, Blackbuck, Red stag, Ram (Aoudad, Corsican, Black Hawaiian, Barbados), Scimitar Horned Oryx, Gemsbok, Sika deer, wild boar and Others. There is significant game across both the low and high fence areas of the ranch providing excellent opportunities for every hunter.


Pricing Details

Axis buck $2,250
Axis doe $400
Red Stag Bull $3,500-$4,500
Red Deer Cow $1,100; high fence only
Scimitar-Horned Oryx (either sex) $3,250 - $4,500, high fence only
Black Buck Antelope male $2,250
Add $100 per inch over 18 inches (base to tip)
Black Buck Antelope female $400; high fence only
Aoudad Ram $2,350; Add $200 per inch over 29 inches
Ram (Dall, Corsican, Catalina) $700 - $2,500; high fence only. Rams range in size from 25 - 38 inches

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