Gura Teghii

Carpathian Red Stag Hunting

Big Game Hunt by HuntinRomania
Carpathian Red Stag Hunting at Gura Teghii, Judeţul Buzău (11) is a Big Game Hunt on private land that starts on September 15th until December 15th.
Costs from $1,238.00 to $15,000.00.
We are hunting Red Deer, Deer and Wild Pig.


Red stag (Cervus elaphus): The male is called a red stag or bull, the female is called the red deer or the hind, the baby up to the age of 10 months is called the deer calf. The adult red stag has the length of the trunk head up to 240-250 cm, the tail 12-16 cm, the height at the withers 152-155 cm. Body weight varies depending on age and different biological phases in the annual life cycle, so the average weight of harvested males is 240-250kg eviscerated, weighing 300-320kg live or more. Mating takes about one month (10 September -10 October) ranging from altitude to weather. Male red stag have a distinctive roar during the rut, which is an adaptation to forested environments, in contrast to male American elk stags which "bugle" during the rut in adaptation to open environments. The male red stag roars to keep his harem of females together. The females are initially attracted to those males that both roar most often and have the loudest roar call. Males also use the roar call when co

Pricing Details

Hunting Package 1100 euro + Trophy Price List

Trophy weight (Kg) EURO EURO/10g Up to 7.00 2040 7.01 – 8.00 2400 9 8.01 – 9.00 3240 10 9.01 – 10 4200 14 10.01 – 11 5400 25 11.01 – 11.50 7800 62 Above 11.51 10800 75 Wounded and not recovered 3000 euro

Terms & Conditions

In this prices of 1100 euro + trophy fees you have All inclusive:

  • 4 days full hunt
  • 5 days accommodation
  • transportation from and to airport
  • transportation to the field
  • 3 meals per day
  • insurance
  • ph
  • drinks
  • hunting authorization
  • trophy preparations (boiled the trophy and whitening) Not included :
  • rifle - 100 euro per day per hunter
  • ammo is 60 euro per box of 20 pcs

Price Includes: Transport on territory Transfer from/to airport Guiding by PH Field trophy preparation Trophies Hunting license Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks Tea/Coffee Planning a hunting ground (hotels, huts, tents and camouflage towers, decoys, callers and other)

Price DOES NOT include: Drinks Trophy shipment Recording in full HD video and pictures of the hunt Gratuities Everything else what not mentioned under "the price includes"

Terms of Payment: Deposit: 50% based on trip price Final payment: 7 days before arrival

Cancellation: When the client cancels the hunt, no deposits will be refunded. In the unlikely event AVPS Tomis cancels the hunt due to extraordinary reasons, the complete deposit will be refunded to the client. Balance of package price to be paid before departure from Romania. Trophy fees for animals taken on top of the booked package to be paid in cash or the end of the Hunting before departure.


Gura Teghii
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Land Type
Season Dates
From September 15th to December 15th
Red Deer, Deer, Wild Pig
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