5 Day Free Range Gun Whitetail Deer Hunt


5 Day Free Range Gun Whitetail Deer Hunt
Big Game Hunt


Iowa (US)
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Deer, Whitetail Deer
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Shotgun, Muzzleloader


If a hunter harvests a buck scoring over 140 we will refund $1,000. If a hunter does not harvest or wound a buck we will refund $1,500. Not included: license fees and staff gratuities.

These hunts take place the first two weeks of December and include 5 full days of hunting. We normally have 3-4 hunters per guide and will have approximately10 open hunters in camp for each season. Over the years we have had success rates as low as 50% and as high as 100% with the average year being about 83%. The average buck brought into camp has scored 144 over the years with our largest buck scoring 203 gross B&C. Weather is a key factor during the gun season, as warmer weather tends to diminish deer activity.


From $5,500.00

Pricing Details

  • 2:1 (2 hunters per guide): $5,500.00

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