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Reviews from verified pros

Not super big.
Doesn't fit my gun with the bipod on. Or the scope. Bipod is a smaller 6"-9" scope is a large one. But still hoped it would fit since it's the XL. I took the sleeve out and wrapped my rifle with a blanket and it fit fine with that. Does it's job well though. And fits my buddys smaller savage without a bipod.
Good but not great
I bought the larger size because I have a Savage 110 Ultralight with a Magpul bipod. It will not fit with the bipod. Even without the bipod it is a pain to get it out. I'm hoping it will get easier once it's broken in but for now it's rough. The case is tough and protects the gun very well. Getting the case in and out of the bracket is super slick and I love the idea. Just don't expect to the get gun in or out in a hurry.
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    Guides & Outfitters
    Guides (hunting, fishing, whitewater, climbing/mountaineering, hiking/trekking/camping, wildlife & bird watching), Outfitters, Lodge Owners, Tour Operators
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    Brand Employees
    Outdoor industry product manufacturers and their Employees and Affiliates
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    DU, RMEF, NWTF, Wild Sheep Foundation, BHA, TRCP, SCI, & more!
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    Outdoor Government
    Conservation Officers, Fish & Game Employees, USFS, BLM, USFW, NPS
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    Outdoor Educators
    Instructors: Hunter’s Education, NRA Shooting, FFF Casting, USA Archery Coaches, etc.
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    Retail Associates & Buyers
    Outdoor Retail Associates & Buyers
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    Active Duty, Veterans, Active Reserves, National Guard
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    First Responders & Frontline Health Workers
    LEO, Retired LEO, Fire, Retired Fire, EMS (EMT/Paramedics/RN), 911 Dispatch, Search & Rescue, Journeyman/Lineman
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