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Professional outfitter/guide (Alberta Hunting Adventures), outdoor writer, seminar speaker, co-host of Canadian Outdoorsman TV, and wildlife awareness & conflict management consultant (Wild Encounters Ltd.).

Author in News & Advice

Guide Logic: Using Elevation & Electronics for Coyote Hunting

Consider incorporating elevation and electronics into your hunt strategy.

Communicating with Coyotes

Calling coyotes is all about the nuances. Understanding where, when, and how to use certain sounds will help you take more fur.

6 Mistakes Every Coyote Hunter Should Avoid

Tips from a seasoned coyote guide

Guide Logic: Hunting the Second Estrus

How can we capitalize on this second estrus movement to close a tag?

Deer Rut Timeline: The 7 Stages and How to Hunt Them

Celebrated and studied ad infinitum, the whitetail deer's annual cycle is constantly under appraisal.

Guide Logic: Patterning Whitetails for Hunting Success

Talk to any diehard deer hunter, and you'll hear stories of giant bucks with one common theme: most of them got away. Why? Because they're smart.

A Guide's Guide to Calling Moose

As big-game hunting guides, my wife and I have learned what works and what doesn't when it comes to calling moose.

Guide Logic: 5 Tips for Field Judging Trophy Whitetails and Mule Deer

If antler size – and the almighty score – are a priority, then we really don't want to make a mistake when we decide to hit the switch.

6 Ways Professional Guides Prep Year-Round for Fall Deer Hunters

Throughout that time, I've learned there are certain things every skilled guide should – and should not – do to prepare for their client's hunt.

Guide Logic: Guiding Hunters with a Fear of Bears

A guide's job is about far more than just hunting. It's about reading people and navigating real-life challenges.

Guide Logic: 8 Tips for Booking a Guided Turkey Hunt

Prepare properly and make the shot count.

8 Tips to Book Your Spring Snow Goose Hunt

I've hunted light geese a lot but haven't taken advantage of the spring season.

9 Coyote Hunting Tips From a Northern Guide

More and more hunters are traveling north of the border to hunt coyotes. Why?

What Clients Do When The Guide's Not Looking

Find out what hunters do when their guide's head is turned

Elements Needed To Create The Perfect Hunt

These elements combined form perfect hunting conditions

How Guides Make Time To Hunt

How hunting guides find time for their own hunting trips

Psychology of the Guided Hunt

Learn what causes the emotional ups and downs on a week long guided hunt

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