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MaBunz Hunting Safaris was founded by Garth in 2016, with a mission to promote sustainable ethical hunting. We believe the most important job of the professional hunter is to ensure 3 things:

1. That the animal to be taken is the right one to be taken e.g. He has exceeded his breeding age and is that old characteristic animal not adding anymore value to the gene pool and there fore the right animal to take.

2. Everything is taken rapidly and humanely, with as little suffering as possible.

3. The safety and anonymity of the client.

Having mentioned these 3 points, don't think that we don't take pride in the luxuries of a comfortable and memorable safari.
License(s): Harare Province #579



  •  Predator/Varmint  
  •  Exotic/Safari  
  •  Big Game  

Clients Stories

Hippo and Crocodile hunt Hunting at Hwange, Binga, Zimbabwe

Apr 12 2018  

Hippo and Crocodile Hunt Hunting at Hippo x 3 and Crocodile x 3

Apr 12 2018  

A Shitty Situation I had one unfortunate client whose stomach didn't quite agree with Africa, and REALLY needed to go while we were hiding out in a leopard blind.


Buffalo Hunting The Cape Buffalo, also known as the African Buffalo is one of Africa's most impressive and formidable of Africa's big game animals.

Sep 10 2017 - Sep 20 2017  

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