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Spot-and-Stalk vs. Blinds for Archery

Spencer Durrant discusses the difference between archery hunting in a blind vs. spot and stalk elk and deer in the western states.


11 years in the making!!!

After 11 years of applying for mule deer in Colorado good friend and client Danny Stephenson took this monster Colorado buck during the 4th season!

Guidefitter Business App Giveaway

Download the Guidefitter Business App and have a chance to win


A Newbie's Guide to Trail Cameras

The basics of what trail cameras to look for if you have never used them before.


Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition Knife & Tool Sharpener Giveaway

We are giving away a Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition Knife & Tool Sharpener ( $149.99)


Ice-off that Fly Rod Spring is here

Ice-off fishing offers the opportunity to catch big fish. A dandy brown trout that took an egg pattern.


4 Mistakes I Made On My First Turkey Hunt

I figured sharing my mistakes will help others - and myself - learn.


Picking the Right Call for Turkey Hunting

What's best for you may not be best for someone else.


Woodland Bison Northern Alberta

A winter woodland bison and wolf hunt. The predator and prey.

3 Reasons to Try Bamboo Fly Rods

Find out why you should try bamboo fly rods this year. For starters it's so different from anything else.


Cartridge or Shot Placement – Which Matters Most?

Does your cartridge or shot placement matter more when it comes to cleanly killing big game like elk?


Go-To Flies for Mid-Winter Fishing

This is where most anglers have trouble, especially if it's their first time on the river in mid-winter.


Winter Fishing Is Worth The Effort

The payoff is a bit sweeter than usual.


Guide Logic: Using Elevation & Electronics for Coyote Hunting

Consider incorporating elevation and electronics into your hunt strategy.


Communicating with Coyotes

Calling coyotes is all about the nuances. Understanding where, when, and how to use certain sounds will help you take more fur.


Ice Fishing Tips and Tricks

Success in ice fishing comes from doing simple things correctly.


Guidefitter's Brady Faigl gets it done in Wyoming

I drew an amazing elk tag in southwest Wyoming. After a month of chasing big bulls in September I finally got it done opening day of rifle.

17 Misses

Until December 1, 2018, I had never killed any big game animal.


2019 Trade Show Schedule For Guides and Outfitters

A list of 2019 Outdoor Industry trade shows for outfitters and guides


Guide Logic: Hunting the Second Estrus

How can we capitalize on this second estrus movement to close a tag?


How to Catch Trophy Brown Trout This Fall

Catching your own trophy brown seems intimidating, but it's really not that tough.


Elk Hunt 2018 – Field Notes

My 2018 general season elk hunt here in Utah was rough. General season hunts are rarely, if ever, a sure thing.


The only place I'll fish salmon on the East Coast

First time fly fishing. Catching spring salmon, trout and stripped bass at the Upper Oxbow. Very best.

Deer Rut Timeline: The 7 Stages and How to Hunt Them

Celebrated and studied ad infinitum, the whitetail deer's annual cycle is constantly under appraisal.


Guide Logic: Patterning Whitetails for Hunting Success

Talk to any diehard deer hunter, and you'll hear stories of giant bucks with one common theme: most of them got away. Why? Because they're smart.


A Guide's Guide to Calling Moose

As big-game hunting guides, my wife and I have learned what works and what doesn't when it comes to calling moose.


Guide Logic: 5 Tips for Field Judging Trophy Whitetails and Mule Deer

If antler size – and the almighty score – are a priority, then we really don't want to make a mistake when we decide to hit the switch.


The Best Elk Calls for Rutting Bulls

I compiled a list of what the hunting community considers the best elk calls available.


Guide Logic: 4 Ways Hunters Can Prepare for Deer Camp

Professional outfitters work year-round to offer clients the best shot at a successful hunt.


Guidefitter Stories

The best way to share your hunting & fishing adventures


A Day in the Life of a Fishing Guide

Behind every angler's great day floating the river is a fishing guide who worked his or her tail off to put those anglers on fish.