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The time has finally come. The best of the best in the pigeon hunting world have come together to create a hunt for you that will never be forgotten. Sit in the blind with the "Pigeon Gods" as they guide you on the hottest pigeon hunt in North America. Watch as group after group of birds decoy right in front of you, at 15 yards, as they try to find a spot to land in the decoys. At this time, your heart will start beating again just like it was on the last day of waterfowl season. Then you'll start wondering where this sport has been over the last decade and how you're just now finding out about it. At this point you'll have the first opportunity to pull up on a group of pigeons, while trying to decide if you want the big brown bar pigeon in the middle of the flock or the white pied pigeon on the right side. The pigeon alone has opened up what we call a "dream come true" opportunity for us wing-shooters. What bird can you hunt in all seasons with no limits that decoys better than a green head mallard... This is what we like to call the Rock Dove or Pigeon!

Pure pigeon Outfitters has Mastered the art of decoying pigeons over the last fifteen years here in the United States of America. People in the United Kingdom and South America have been hunting pigeons over decoys for decades now and people are just now finding out about the addiction here in the U.S.A. There is no need to travel all the way to Argentina or even over to England to hunt pigeons. We have the hunt waiting for you right here in Idaho with the experts that will show you how its done.

Pure Pigeon Outfitters is a group of the best pigeon hunters this nation has to offer. Travis Hough has the best team anyone could possibly want when it comes to success and service.


Travis Hough


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