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South Salem, Ohio

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About Me

Ive been a Full Time Guide now for 20 Years. A Put Clients where they want to be!!! Guiding around Florida, Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan and Alaska. I offer a Full Line of Hunting and Fishing Packages. Give me a Call Let's Go Get Em!

Professional Experience

May 2016 - August 2016

Nak Nek River Camp Alaska

February 1994 - Today

Ive been a Guide now for 23 Years. Guiding all around the Great Lakes for Steelhead, Salmon. To Guiding WaterFowl Hunts on Saginaw Bay or Field Hunting Canadian Geese. Ive Guided and Outfitted Southern Ohio Whitetail Hunts now for 20 Years. This will be my 3rd Year in Alaska being a Guide around Bristol Bay. Im a Tribe Member for Sitka and am on the Pro Staff for Simms. And I am Sponsored by Big&J. I have been a Featured Speaker at Outdoor Shows now for 15 Years. My Companys name is TBN Outfitter's i started "TBN" AKA The Birds Nest 35 Years ago when i would hunt night crawlers and sell them on my familys back porch. I started to tie flies at my desk in my shop and out the window was a birds nest i seen a robin make. Seen the Robin feed the baby birds and one day i went outside and a baby bords was out of the nest so i put it back. And my mom said the mother will not touch it now. So i fed it several times a day and one day i went to feed it and it flew off right out of rhe birds nest. So i went barrowed a for sale sign i painted it white and wrote The Birds Nest Yes we are open! And i have made luers and takin people hunting and fishing ever since!

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