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Now get the best of both worlds….the Bone Bracket®/Skull Cap Combo!

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About Bone Bracket® / Skull Cap Combo

Get those old skull plates hanging in the shed and boldly display them like they deserve with the Skull Hooker® Bone Bracket®. The fully adjustable arm allows you to move the mount up, down, left and right for the perfect upright, natural look.

Dress up those sawed off skull plates with Skull Hooker’s new Skull Cap. This inexpensive cover will provide a cleaner look to all those skull plated trophies. The Bone Bracket®/Skull Cap Combo is designed for small to mid-sized species such as deer and antelope sized skull plates. For caribou, elk and larger species see the XXL Bone Bracket® which is designed for larger and heavier game species. The Skull Cap can be utilized with or without the Bone Bracket® hanging bracket. The Skull Cap is offered in a brown color, but can easily be painted a custom color.

Parts included: wall plate(1), arm(1), skull plate adapter(1), skull cap(1) and all necessary hardware

  • Weight: 0.5625 lbs

Includes instructions for exceptionally easy installation. Color: Black.