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Fly fishing writer, outdoors columnist, and novelist. Newly-minted fishing guide and bamboo rod builder. Twitter/Instagram: spencer_durrant

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Spot-and-Stalk vs. Blinds for Archery

Spencer Durrant discusses the difference between archery hunting in a blind vs. spot and stalk elk and deer in the western states.

A Newbie's Guide to Trail Cameras

The basics of what trail cameras to look for if you have never used them before.

4 Mistakes I Made On My First Turkey Hunt

I figured sharing my mistakes will help others - and myself - learn.

Picking the Right Call for Turkey Hunting

What's best for you may not be best for someone else.

3 Reasons to Try Bamboo Fly Rods

Find out why you should try bamboo fly rods this year. For starters it's so different from anything else.

Cartridge or Shot Placement – Which Matters Most?

Does your cartridge or shot placement matter more when it comes to cleanly killing big game like elk?

Go-To Flies for Mid-Winter Fishing

This is where most anglers have trouble, especially if it's their first time on the river in mid-winter.

Winter Fishing Is Worth The Effort

The payoff is a bit sweeter than usual.

Ice Fishing Tips and Tricks

Success in ice fishing comes from doing simple things correctly.

17 Misses

Until December 1, 2018, I had never killed any big game animal.

How to Catch Trophy Brown Trout This Fall

Catching your own trophy brown seems intimidating, but it's really not that tough.

Elk Hunt 2018 – Field Notes

My 2018 general season elk hunt here in Utah was rough. General season hunts are rarely, if ever, a sure thing.

The Best Elk Calls for Rutting Bulls

I compiled a list of what the hunting community considers the best elk calls available.

A Day in the Life of a Fishing Guide

Behind every angler's great day floating the river is a fishing guide who worked his or her tail off to put those anglers on fish.

The Ups and Downs of Backcountry Elk Hunting… and Why I Wish I'd Hired a Guide

Hiring an experienced elk hunting guide just might be the difference between a full freezer and an empty one.

Survey Says: Guides Share Their Top Saltwater Fishing Gear

Whether you've never fished the salt before, or you're already addicted and looking to up your game, the results from this survey are for you.

Survey Says: How to Improve your Fly Fishing Game

Trying to crack fly fishing's technical waters on your own is a tall order.

Backpacking the Backcountry: 4 Fishing Trips You Need to Take

These trips offer the best of both backpacking and fishing.

Survey Says: Freshwater Fishing Guides Share Top Gear and Tactics

For some anglers, just getting out on the water is reward enough for time spent fishing. For the rest of us? Well, we're all chasing a wall hanger.

The Beginner's Guide to Mousing

Make your next trout fishing excursion successful, especially when it comes to fishing with mouse flies.

7 Rivers to Float This Summer

I reckon fewer people would fly fish if it all took place in canals and stagnant ponds.

Guide Logic: On Why Every Angler Should Experience Alaskan Deep Sea Fishing

If you've ever been on a guided trout-fishing trip, don't expect any similarities on a deep-sea charter.

The Beginner's Guide to Bass Fishing on the Fly

If you're looking for a new challenge, try bass fishing on the fly.

Guide Logic: 3 Tips to Catch Bigger Trout

When you make the shift from catching fish to catching big fish, the sheer amount of time needed to have decent odds is staggering.

The Pyramid Lake Mistake

When you travel for a fly fishing trip, you expect to catch fish.

3 Skills You Can Learn from a Turkey Hunting Guide

When it comes to outsmarting local turkeys – the guides know best.

5 Guide-Approved Flies for Spring Fly Fishing - and How to Tie Them

These flies put trout in the net, time and time again.

#AskTheGuides: Why - and How - You Should Avoid Spawning Cutthroat Trout

Here are three tips to protect cutthroat – and promote healthy river ecosystems.

Kiowa Hunting Services: Colorado and New Mexico

New Mexico and Colorado big game, exotics and turkey hunts

Guide Logic: 5 Reasons You Should Fish with Streamer Flies Year-Round

Since I've started paying attention to my friends' streamer fishing habits, I've noticed they catch fish on streamers all year.

Spring's Best New Fly Fishing Gear

I've always been a gear nut. I love getting new rods, reels, line, boots, vests, and anything else you need to be a fly angler in today's world.

4 Winter Fly Fishing Go-To Spots for Every Angler

If thin crowds, clear water, skittish trout and crisp mountain air are attributes of a perfect day of fishing, visit these four destinations.

Guide Tips: The 5 Fly Rods You Need to Own

It's impossible to have too many fly rods.

Why Local Fishery Winter Visits Are A Must

Don't miss out on your local trout hot spots this winter

How To Find Big Local Brown Trout

Learn the best techniques for finding your local stream's brown trout

Fall Fly Fishing Guide

Fall fly fishing tips - brown trout

Rare Trout Species You Didn't Know Existed

Rare Trout Species You Didn't Know Existed

4 Best Dry Fly Fishing Rivers In Utah

Fly Fishing hot spots you'll only find in Utah

B&B Outfitters: Texas Whitetail Hunts

Fully outfitted deer, exotics, spring turkey, quail hunts and more

The Ultimate Summer Fly Fishing Road Trip

Hit the best western trout streams all in the same fly fishing tour

Summer Western Fly Fishing Destinations

Fly fishing locations you can take your fly rod this summer

5 Epic Fly Fishing Fails

Hysterical fishing fails to make you feel better about your day.

The Best Spring Hatches for Epic Spring Fishing

If you want awesome trout fishing, it doesn't get any better than this