Montana Elk, Mule Deer Hunt

I have gone two times, the last time I took my son along. Both times we filled all of our tags. Wo

Nov 10 2014 - Nov 20 2015

Art Groff

First posted Feb 27 2015 Last updated May 10 2015

My first trip, I shot my mule deer early in the week, but the Elk I had to wait until the last day when overnight we had snow and they came off the mountain. On the second trip

I took my son along and we had a great trip. As you can see we both filled our tags out! We had a great time! The one day the high for the day was 5 degrees, but we still went out and hunted!

I would not change anything that happened during both my trips - just great times and I had so much fun. Our Guide Roy Reiff is a great guide - just make sure you don't miss! Ha Ha!

We had some snow, but not a lot on both trips.

It was getting late when we finally got these photos!

As you can see - the truck is filled!

Go with Roy @ Rawhide and you will be satisfied!


  • Doug Fahnestock

    Doug Fahnestock

    Its a great day when you have a truck full of elk!

  • Roy Reiff

    Roy Reiff

    It was a pleasure guiding you and your son Andy.
    Made lots of good memories . Hope to do it again👍

  • Ron Koontz

    Ron Koontz

    One week before that it was way tooooo warm and the elk were no where to be found......but that's hunting! Rawhide is a great place to see lots of game

  • Bryan Koontz

    Bryan Koontz

    Good story. Thanks!!