2012...The Magical Year.

Seth Dick takes his first archery bull elk and Sara Dick takes her first rifle bull elk in Montana during the 2012 season.

Sep 14 2012 - Oct 31 2012

Doug Dick

First posted Mar 14 2015 Last updated Apr 17 2015

Hunting whitetails in Pennsylvania is nothing like hunting elk in Montana. We learned this on our very first elk hunt in 2003, in fact we learned a lot during that hunt. We have rifle hunted several times since this and the 1,800 mile drive always builds our anticipation. 2012 arrived with Seth and I drawing Archery elk tags for the Crazy Mountain area. After two very long days of driving we arrived in Big Timber Montana and settled into camp with a great view of the surrounding mountains. It was time to start scouting in our selected area of the East side of the Crazy Mountains. We located a nice 6 x 6 bull with several cows; however, it was going to be a challenge to get close. Day one and two proved to be full of excitement and putting us closer to the bull. Day three arrived with great weather and a screaming bull. Things happened fast and furious with us getting between the bull and his cows. After a few soft cow calls and a challenge bugle, this bull came running in looking for a fight. At 20 yards and broad side, one well placed shot and a 75 yard tracking job was the beginning of a busy morning.

Now...after that rush it was time to set down and reflect on the last 30 minutes. Not really sure who was more excited and after some high fives it hit us that we had some serious work ahead of us. One good thing is we were very well prepared and the task was complete in no time....

There is no better way to spend a September day! Thank you Charles Oberly for being there with us.

As the day comes to an end in the Crazy Mountains of Montana.....long lasting memories had been forged and thanks is given to God for such a wonderful place.

Fast forward and one month later.....first week of 2012 rifle season and Sara is on her first elk hunt in the Beartooth Mountains with myself and Guide Shawn Doss. We settled into our five star tent camp on the West Rosebud River and prepared for the fun to begin in the morning. It took Sara a few days to get comfortable with her new room mate...a little gray mouse. The day after she took her bull.....she decided to sleep in and was caught slipping out of her tent. We think the thumbs up was because her room mate moved out.

There is only two ways to cover ground, one is by foot and can be difficult or the other is by horseback and it can be difficult as well. Sara be came great friends with this horse who had an attitude just like it's rider.....hunt hard.

After covering a lot of ground and dealing with rain, fog, snow, and wind for several days we finally had an opportunity. Things happened fast and after getting the horses tied and in position, Sara made a fantastic 337 yard shot and she had her first bull elk on the ground. She was jumping up and down like she just won the lottery.... I guess she did come to think of it. After a lot of hugs we got to work and reflected on how things came together. The 2 hour ride back to camp was very quite as we cherished the beauty of the mountains.

During the 2012 Archery & Rifle Season I never made a shot and that is okay because being present for two first in Elk Hunting with my son & daughter was memories that I will never forget. The smiles tell the entire story.


  • Ron Koontz

    Ron Koontz

    Great story! There is NOTHING more important and deserving of our constant attention than GOD and family. Hunting and the great outdoors is a great way to bring the two together......your story gives proper attention to both.