Saskatchewan Spring Bear

My first bear hunt... 100% for bears in my party, including some color phase bears. Going back!

May 19 2013 - May 25 2013

Joel Westa

First posted May 8 2015 Last updated Jul 6 2015

What a great hunt! I went with some friends who were going back to Smoothstone for their 8th year....they called it the "Smoothstone Experience." The hunting is phenomenal, but the lodge, the food, the atmosphere, and most of all the owner/outfitters, Lyndon and Carolyn make this a trip worth taking.
Everything is top notch, and I came away from this hunt with more than a monster bear!
Great friends, and amazing experience and the hunt of my life!

Here's my bear...took him on the first day after passing on two really nice bears. I wasn't going to shoot on the first day, but when he came in the decision changed quickly! He is a "toad" as my guide Sean called him...just missed the record book.

This is the hand built lodge...VERY comfortable accommodations and the food is spectacular!

15 steps from the lodge is Smoothstone lake...GREAT pike fishing!

Here's the finished mount just prior to shipping....looks great! I highly recommend Smoothstone Lake lodge if you want a high quality hunt with some wonderful people!


  • Lenny Miller

    Lenny Miller

    Great bear for sure! I know the hunt was great but once again the friendships made are even more important . Congrats

  • Bryan Koontz

    Bryan Koontz

    Thanks for sharing, Joel! Look forward to reading more stories on Guidefitter from you in the future.