A sad and happy tale of two Rons

How I ended up with one of the best hunting dogs in my pack.

Jun 1 2012 - May 9 2015

Jack Biddle

First posted May 10 2015 Last updated Jul 6 2015

This is my hunting buddy Ron Lazur (r) and me taking a break on a very warm day of grouse and wood cock hunting in the upper peninsula of Michigan. This was our first trip to the UP and was long before Three Cedars Retrievers came into being.

A couple of years later a lanky yellow Labrador named Jack's Uno Mas Cyrmaize By Wetlands (call name Mas) arrived on the scene. Of course Ron was an integral part of Mas' training and many hunting trips.

Ron, Mas and I spent many many hours in the field. Trips to the UP every year and more time dove hunting than most people can imagine. Mas was just as much Ron's dog as mine. One time Mas got injured while hunting in the UP and Ron hand fed him 4 cups of kibble one piece at a time just to make sure he was eating.

Ron was instrumental in my decision to create Three Cedars Retrievers. He came to love Mas' chosen partner Babe and enjoyed hunting over her. Eventually we allowed nature to take it's course and Babe got pregnant. Ron was offered pick of the litter and he decided he wanted the largest male puppy. And that was the plan!

Unfortunately the plan did not work out. Before Babe could produce her puppies Ron had an unexpected health event that ended his life.

Babe had her puppies in June of 2012, not long after Ron passed away. Needless to say the largest male's litter name was Ron. I had planned on keeping a female from this litter with the intention that she would become our second generation breeder. I never planned to keep a male.

Once again my plan was thrown out the window. Three Cedars Best Buddy Ron (call name Ron) was just destined to be part of our family.

So even though it is not the same Ron I hunted with for all of those years I still get to take my "best buddy" Ron hunting all of the time. He is such a hard worker and a delightful dog to be around. Everybody just loves him and he is such a client pleaser!

I know my other buddy Ron would have loved him too.


  • Amorelle Koontz

    Amorelle Koontz

    ^^^^^ wonderful story . prepare to have many fun memories

  • Bryan Koontz

    Bryan Koontz

    A great story, Jack. Thank you for sharing this. As the owner of a Yellow Lab (Butterscotch Pearl - or "Pearl"), I can appreciate how much these dogs can become an integral part of your life. Seeing that great pic of the pup running makes me want another one! I look forward to reading more stories on Guidefitter from you in the future. Thanks again.