Western Montana Mountain Lion hunt

My 17 year old daughters mountain lion hunt.

Dec 25 2014

George Nass

First posted Jul 8 2015 Last updated Jul 11 2015

My daughter drew a lion tag so the 25th of DEC we decided to go look for tracks, with a fresh snow over night we were pretty sure we would find a cat track.

We didn't find a big tom track but did find two smaller tracks running together, we figured it at least would be fun for the dogs to tree them, with in 10 minutes of turning the dogs out, they treed this nice tom 600 yards down the road from the truck, drove down the road and saw where they crossed and their is a big tom track that the dogs are on, they treed 50 yards from the truck!

When we got to the tree my best dog was hurt, we figure out he had fell out of the leaning the cat ran up, he fell around 18-20 feet up. He got lucky and only sprained his right front wrist, but still was out of running till April 5th (that's another story)

Their reward :)

My daughters reward!! This is what hunting is all about!