Manitoba Bear Hunt- Silver creek Outfitters 2014

Me and my husband went on a spring black bear hunt with bob at silvercreek. Wish we could go every y

May 10 2014 - May 15 2014


First posted Jul 8 2015 Last updated Jul 11 2015

Silvercreek was a great place to go bear hunting in Manitoba. We looked up about 30 places to bear hunt all over canada and ended up at Bobs. We stayed at Bobs cabin with wood heat and a grill to cook on everyday and indoor shower. My husband shot his blonde bear the first night. He knew going there that he wanted a blonde, and thats what he got. He saw 7 black bear and 2 colored the first night. Bear were always at the bait site immediately and all night. They take you to your stand and get you set up for the night 2-10pm you sit. The first night i saw a sow and 2 cubs all night and multiple boars. Fighting over bait, chasing cubs up trees, a lot of action. I never knew they were so vocal. The second night my husband sat with me to video and I saw 3 bear in the sleet/snow/rain. a black with white patch, blonde with white patch and a chocolate. I knew i wanted a color bear, thats why we chose this place. You can pretty much shoot whatever you want. At about 9pm i shot the boone and crockett chocolate. I was beyond excited, he was beautiful. I will have my full body mount done shortly cant wait.
Meals were good and accommodations were awesome.