Mid-Night Legends on Ten Mile Cr.

Every hunt begins with a dream, a goal to attain success, but more often than not it is the encounte

Mark Shutey

First posted Jul 20 2015 Last updated Aug 26 2015

It was a long day of hiking, calling and stalking to no avail in the Pintlar Mountains of South Western Montana. Our hunting party sat over a warm plate of beef stew, as my weary mind kept wandering to the solitude of the warm sleeping bag which awaited mere yards away. Tales of the day's adventures, close encounters and plans for the next morning were entertaining, but I was done. I made my way to the canvas tent, stripped down, and settled into my cot. The cool mountain air pooled with the slight smell of kerosene and canvas to kiss my face as I nodded off for a well deserved slumber.

"MARK! MARK! BEAR!!" Blood curdling shrieks rang out in the black of night. Instantly, I awoke and grabbed my 12 gauge. The unmistakable sound of a slug chambering rang out through camp as I headed toward my mid-night alarm clock. Of course, all of this drama was in vane. Our curious camp visitor skedaddled probably after the first scream.


  • Ron Koontz

    Ron Koontz

    Great story Mark. You're right, unless it's a real monster, what we talk about are the other stories and experiences we've had with friends and family on those days in the woods or on the water. Memories forever!

  • Jonathan Spadt

    Jonathan Spadt

    Really great, Mark. I remember missing a wolf in Alaska as much as killing a bear a few days later. You hit the nail on the head!

  • Hank Seale

    Hank Seale

    Great job! I'm dropping some magazine subscriptions!

  • Bryan Koontz

    Bryan Koontz

    Awesome story...can't wait to read more from you, Mark.

  • Ryan McSparran

    Ryan McSparran

    Great story, Mark!

  • Vaughn Esper

    Vaughn Esper

    Awesome writing and pictures. Great job. Only true outfitters can understand this. Congrats

  • Lenny Miller

    Lenny Miller

    Great story Mark! The ins & outs of a year guiding are always full of adventure. Funny thing is, some of the best stories have nothing to do with hunting. Good luck this year.