Patterning my Bow Buck (Self Guided)

After watching this buck since he was two, I was able to figure out his patterning and he came in for a 20 yard shot.

Sep 23 2015

John Bailey

First posted Nov 8 2015 Last updated Nov 25 2015

This buck got my attention when he was a two year old. I had never seen him in person until this year.
I used 4 cameras to try and figure him out, so I placed one in a swamp bottom, bottle neck, funnel and doe bedding area.
I would check them every 7 days to see which area he preferred.
He started visiting the bottle neck more and more.
Then he started coming in every two days.
So I started going in with my sprayed down boots and checking it in the middle of the day and he would be on camera every other day.
Then I knew I had him, so Monday 22nd, I went in to check my SD card and he wasn't on camera.
I knew I had him.
I went in for an evening hunt on the next day and got in the stand and waited. First a spike came in and was feed on acorns and then he seemed a little nerves then walked away.
I knew it was him coming, so I drew my bow and waited. He appeared from my right quartering towards me and I put the pin on his shoulder and squeezed, after the high kick I knew it was a good hit.
He ran 30 yards and crashed.
It was an Awesome Hunt.
I've harvest over 25 Shooters in my hunting carrier but
since then I figured out how to fine tune there pattern and harvest mature bucks.
Ice Man

Equipment: Mathews Z2
Broad Head: Rage Hypodermic
Camo: Stalker Lite II Realtree X green
Boots: Cabela Boa