Jr day deer hunt

I was hunting with my uncle when I shot my biggest deer

Nov 14 2015

Logan Miller

First posted Nov 19 2015 Last updated Nov 20 2015

It was Jr day and I was pretty excited to get in the stand. When I got to the stand I thought to myself how will this work.

I didint have a rest and I could barely this was the worst stand I'd ever seen. It got to about 5:00 and a little buck came out and a couple minutes later another deer came out but I couldn't tell what it was so I found a y shaped stick and threw the gun up on that and looked at the deer he looked decent so I asked Brian "is he a shooter"
I didint get an answer all I got was "flick the safety off"
I put him in the cross hairs and squeezed the trigger. I hit him but I didn't know where. We found a little blood but backed out. We looked for him the next morning and it turned out I hit him bad but good enough to where he bedded down and died. Although he wasn't the biggest but still pretty good