Public Land DIY mule deer hunt

This is unique for me, being able to hunt for myself. I had a chance in between hunts to go after mu

Nov 20 2015

Clint Schneider

First posted Nov 21 2015 Last updated Nov 25 2015

I was able to do some hunting for myself, which is something i typically don't have time to do. I had one more day to harvest a mule deer, but i would've shot a nice whitetail. I had my heart set on a big muley. So i decided the night before to hit a couple of state sections I knew of. The weather was supposed to be good, cold and periods of snowfall.

I woke up to cold temperatures and snow on the ground. Which in my opinion is some of the best hunting conditions for most big game animals.
So I started off at a state section i had hunted before. I seen some decent whitetails, but nothing i cared to harvest. It snowed on me on and off all day long. I manged to get a picture of it. It is a beautiful sight to see.
So after coming up empty handed at the first spot i decided to try a different state piece i knew of but had never hunted.
After some breakfast at a local cafe, i headed over to this state section. I pulled up to the spot, and decided i was going to start out doing some rattling. I came up empty handed though. Id seen quite a few does, both muleys and whitetail, around, and with the rut going on strong i knew bucks would be around.
I was still hunting around the top of this deep timbered draw when a whitetail doe popped up out right in front of me. I figured she had a buck with her, and she did. He was a good 5x5 whitey, but a little young. He came up and grunted at the doe. I watched him dog the doe for a little bit and they disappeared into the trees again.

I'd seen quite a few deer around, but nothing i wanted to harvest. So i decided i would go check out the other end. When i looked over and seen a deer i hadn't seen. It was a muley doe. I looked at her through the binoculars and could tell there was a buck behind her that hadn't crested the hill.
Right off i could tell he was a buck i wanted to get. The only problem was they were on the wrong side of the fence. The buck was hot on the doe and he was bird doggin her pretty good. Another younger buck showed up and kept pestering him, and he kept running him off.

I got myself layed out prone on the hump and i could see one of the does and the little buck. But i couldn't see the bigger buck. I was pretty sure that he was in this smaller timbered draw and hadn't come out yet. So i sat there patiently. I watched the doe for a little while, and she kept looking behind her. Then the other doe popped out, and i knew the buck wouldn't be far behind. Moments later he popped out, and moved up hill towards the does. I was on the gun and had the crosshairs on him. He nugged the does up the hill and stood there broadside at 150. So i settled the crosshairs on him and squeezed the trigger. He humped up and i had got both lungs and shoulders with the shot. He started stumbling down the hill and dumped over in a clump of buck brush. Minutes later he was done, and i walked over to my very nice 3x3 diy public land muley. I couldn't have been more happy....


  • gene misun

    gene misun

    Great store awesome mulely I miss hunting them when I lived in Oregon sure miss the mountains Wisconsin is now where near the same hunting .

  • Clint Schneider

    Clint Schneider

    Thank you guys!!

  • Tommy Youngblood

    Tommy Youngblood

    Beautiful animal! Great how it all came together with a little patience and the prone shot.

  • Bryan Koontz

    Bryan Koontz

    Great story, Clint!! Thanks for sharing!