My first Canadian Hunt

This was on my bucket list for20 years, with me putting it off years, waiting for friends to due it"next year". A great trip, & I saw big deer

Nov 1 2015 - Nov 6 2015

Robert Priest

First posted Feb 7 2016 Last updated Feb 8 2016

My 1st trip to Saskatchewa for a monster buck. I was nervous, having no one to draw experience from in picking an outfitter from. After attending a wild game night, I rolled the dice with "Timberlost Outfitting". I emailed Devon several times, and called him several times. Just trying to be prepared, and have everything I would need. Nothing to make a trip bad when not having proper gear. Once we started out, I quickly notice how special Saskatchewa is. Beautiful land!!! Once at the lodge, we quickly zeroed in the rifles, as darkness set in. Into the cabin, with dinner ready. Meet & greet with the guides. Devin explained how his camp is set up, what to expect, and simple guideline. And we saw deer just outside the cabin.

The next morning we were up early and out in our stands before day break. I heard the deer moving around with in minutes of being dropped off, and saw a nice buck within 10 minutes. I saw deer all day, with atleast 2 if not 3 shooters. But it's day1!!! After getting back to camp, it seemed I easily was in the hot stand. I saw double what everyone else had seen. And I felt if 1 of the 2 bucks I really liked came in, I was going to harvest a nice buck. Day 2, was just as good as a start as day1. Lots of deer in the morning, and most kept looking back in 1 direction. I kept my attention to that area. After about an hour, he stepped out. And I was ready. I scored him up to be around 140-145. Taking my time, I harvested my 1st Saskatchewa buck.

After waiting 30 minutes, I got down and went to see how I did. And I did good!!! Dead wait, he was 302 lbs. a rough score of 155. I went back to the stand and called base camp and waited for my pick up. While waiting( and eating my lunch) I had another 2 bucks come in. One was easily bigger then the 1 I harvested. No complaints here thou, I am very very happy. You don't see deer like this in Michigan.

Hemmi ( a new zelander) showed up and helped get the brutt back the the lodge.

I got to spend the next few days helping out around the lodge, and see more of the outfitters land! I even saw a couple nice bucks, such as this guy!

Not knowing what to expect, this trip was GREAT. It was way more then I expected. And I am booked for 2016!