First Time Archery Elk Hunt

Successful, exciting, 12 pt Bull at closing hour on last day. Thrilling hunt! Completely and overly satisfied with guide(s) and hunts! Will be back!

Sep 9 2016 - Sep 14 2016

Nick Rendon

First posted Sep 17 2016 Last updated Oct 4 2016

Having never been archery hunting for elk, I did some research and decided to head to southwestern New Mexico. Booked a 5 day hunt with JJ Romero of J&G Outfitters in Reserve, New Mexico.
From the minutes we were greeted to the minute we drove off to the airport an unforgettable absolutely wonderful adventure began.
Needless to say it was wonderful to finish the hunt with a massive 12 pt bull. We also experienced countless moments of excitement, rigorous trekking, bugling, cow calling, moments of silence and wonder. The real take away of the hunt was that in 5 days time I(we) became fast friends with JJ and his family! I now have a family in Reserve! Truly JJ and his girls(the G in J&G)are top notch guides but even more impressive are their ability to make you feel welcomed, comfortable, and assured that you have chosen wisely. If there were a star rating system for J&G Oufitters I would be unable to give them enough stars. 10 out of 5 stars,... They are superstars!
They daily hunts were everything I'd dreamed they could be, the treks, the sightings, the near misses, the planning, the ups and downs! I was more than satisfied with the hunting by the closing day even though I'd not had an opportunity. JJ and his girls, however, were not satisfied and worked tirelessly to put us in a position to harvest a bull.
Glassing the valley from a rock cliff over a mile and a half away, JJ spotted a heard and hauled us off to a position to wait and watch. Placing us on a hill overlooking a dry riverbed he assured us that patience and quiet would pay off. 2 and 1/2 hours of watch and wait finally paid off with a herd of over 40 cows and a 4 bull herd wandered within range. 30 minutes before dark on the last day of the hunt a massive 12 bull presented himself at 54 yds. quartering toward me, at a 45 degree downhill. In that moment it was all or nothing as the cows and herd began running up a hill into the sagebrush directly behind the bull. One last calming breath and sight check and I let go my one and only chance. Right side of the neck, backward deep into the chest and I knew I'd gotten him. 75 yds uphill he explode and he was done.
I was thrilled, relieved, thankful and spent...
JJ and Amber(his daughter/guide) appeared and it was so amazing to see that they were absolutely and completely and sincerely excited for me! Every moment of that hunting trip will be forever, and with detail, be etched in my mind. My first elk archery hunt(my first elk hunt) was a raging success, it was dramatic, it was earned, it was shared with some newly recently found friends(the Romeros,.. JJ, Amber and Justine), but even of more consequence and more special was that they have become fast friends and dare I say family to me! I miss their laughs, their professionalism, and their comradery.
I have booked another hunt with them for next year and truly believe that as long as I am able, I will return to spend a week with my friends at J&G Outfitters in Reserve, New Mexico! All my thanks and praise to JJ and his beautiful/skilled/knowledgable daughters. They are a family as a family should be! Congratulations on the family you've raised my friend! Thank you for a dream come true!


  • Becky Schwanke

    Becky Schwanke

    Congratulations! Very similar area to where I took my first 6x6

  • Edmundo Martinez

    Edmundo Martinez

    Thanks for sharing!!!! Exceptional job in putting it in digital print and great pictures. I felt i was there sharing the experience with you. Thanks to the Romeros for putting you in the position to take your Bull.

  • Bryan Koontz

    Bryan Koontz

    Thanks for sharing!