British Columbia Moose

A bucket list trip of a lifetime,if you are a hunter it was an amazing experience that should not be missed.

Dave Wilson

First posted Dec 31 2016 Last updated Jan 4 2017

Houston is just remote enough that I Decided to drive. 1168 miles later I was there on a Saturday afternoon Houston is a cool little town are some of the best steelhead fishing in the world.met Sonny at 10:30 in the morning loaded out and we were on our way by 11 pulled into an excellent camp cabins were warm cook was there things are ready to go

All the right stuff Argo wood deck comfortable cabins in great condition

Actually got to hunt the first evening spent the afternoon scouting and into the evening calling for moose

Our first Monday in camp was Canadian Thanksgiving came back for the morning hunt to a complete Thanksgiving dinner thanks to Linda the cook

My guide Pat, this guy hunts like he's part timber wolf

Last 15 minutes of the last day (sunday) Then clean up and cut up on Monday morning, Dennis stepped up to help, Sonny's guides really made me feel like my hunt was the most important thing there was!

Once in a lifetime for me,

Sonny's walk in cooler, no "dead lifting, all the right stuff, professional grade only