Moose hunt

After hours of calling nothing but a little grunt calls back, what to do next ? Challenge him or wait to see if he changes his mind

Oct 5 2016 - Oct 6 2016

Stephen Mcdonnell

First posted Feb 8 2017 Last updated Feb 8 2017

As the week went on only one Client was left to tag out so I made a plan to take him back to the area he had hunted Monday, I had saw a nice bull there late last week and another guide saw a few cows in the area Monday morning so he couldn't be far. We took our time heading in glassing and listening we knew they were there and didn't want to spook them out. We settled back in a little pile of bush and I found a nice rest for the client to rest his gun and I started to make a few low calls. Within minutes a low grunt calls back , he's here , the clients eyes widen and I think I can here his heart beating. A few more light calls and a black object moves through the bush , the client readys but it's a cow steps out into the clearing , u can feel the disappointment in the air as the Client was expecting to see the bull he's been looking for all week.
The cow moves off and we wait to see if the bull will follow, nothing.
I continue to call for hours only getting a little grunt back. With time winding down I decide to take a chance and start raking the trees to challenge him, will he come out or just turn and leave the area. Everything goes quiet then a few branches brake and he's coming. The clients on his rest and the yellow horns appear from the bush, it's the trophy he's been looking for, with a big smile on his face he waits for a few more steps he's in the clear, boom the gun goes off and the huge animal goes down, a hunters dream comes true. The smell of gun powder fills the air,
it's a guided life