Oklahoma Public Land Turkey Hunt

Shot my first turkey on public land this season. Have never been much of a turkey hunter, but now I am hooked for life! Was such an awesome experience

Apr 20 2017 - Apr 23 2017

Andrew Rice

First posted Jun 14 2017 Last updated Jun 15 2017

Arrived in SWOK the evening of April 20th. Tried roosting some birds, but we didn't even hear a bird. The next morning we decided to try that spot as it had been good in the past my friend said. Morning comes and the sun starts to rise. My hunting partner lets out the first call. Not even before he gets done GOBBLE! GOBBLE! It was on from there. Everytime he hit that call the Tom would talk right back. He enters the field within 5 minutes and struts and drums all the way in. This being my first experience it was one of the coolest hunts I have ever been on even though it lasted 10-15 minutes. Shot him at 30 yards!

I can't wait to get back out next season! I will never forget this day. To top it off my buddy shoots his Tom after we ate lunch. On our way to put more birds to roost we spot some hogs. Spot and stalked them to 10 yards and shot a hog! WHAT A DAY!