Bosbok Safaris is amazing!!

Much more than a hunt!

Sep 25 2016 - Oct 8 2016

Scott Miller

First posted Jun 25 2017 Last updated Jun 29 2017

Some hunts are remembered for the abundance of good animals, or lots of shooting, or the great people you spent time with, or the accommodations, or the amazing scenery, or the delicious food... This trip will forever be remembered for all of these things! I never saw pavement for 12 days and it was fantastic! My Wife went on daily adventures with Kate while I was doing my favorite thing, hunting, with Phil. The girls would hike in a beautiful park and take breathtaking pictures, or go on a hot air balloon ride, or visit a market in a small village. We shared stories by the fire each night, and couldn't believe how great it felt to be alive! Sometimes Shannen would choose to sit in the blind with me and share "my world". I'm pretty sure she'll shoot something next time. No bugs, no snakes, things couldn't have been any better. We can't wait to go again!

It rained when it wasn't supposed to, so the Impala weren't coming to the problem. We stalked in on a small group with this nice Ram.

A fantastic Nyala. Lots of them around. The tricky part is to have the right one present the right shot. Such beautiful animals.

It's so cool just to see all the animals around you.

Amazing sunsets every night!

Nice Blue Wildebeest. 25yd shot from a sweet blind. 100 yd track job. Great day!

Great Kudu! 55 inches! Shot from the same blind as the Wildebeest, standing in almost the same spot. The Kudu died 10 yd from where we recovered the Wildebeest. Another amazing day!

Every day Shannen had the opportunity to go on a hunt with me or go on an adventure with Kate.

The last day of our trip we spent driving through the Krueger National Park. The animals seemed to pose for the camera. We saw "The Big 5" twice that day!