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The Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener Mk.2 sharpens every knife and tool you own. The flexible belts, sharpening guides, and a two speed motor make sharpening faster, easier and more versatile than before. Used by the pros, millions sold, never be dull again.

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4.88 (40)
A very capable tool for a variety of sharpening jobs!
I just want to start by saying this is my first experience with any kind of electric knife sharpener. That said, one of the most impressive traits about the Work Sharp MK.2 is just how user friendly it is. Work Sharp made life especially easy with the online instructional videos, and I highly recommend watching them if this is your first time with this type of sharpener. Starting off, a couple of the features on this sharpener that I like the most are the front edge guide and the dual angle guide. The angle guide allows you to change the degree angle between 20 and 25 degrees, depending on the type of knife you're using, with just the flip of a switch. Outside of guiding hunts, I also own a restaurant, so I was able to try out the 20 degree angle on my kitchen knives. The front edge guide takes the guesswork out, easily allowing the user to follow the blade angle and maintain evenness while sharpening. Another nice feature on the angle guides is the leather lining on the sides. I have a lot of outdoor knives that are heavily used that I don't mind being scratched up, but I also have some that I want to keep in great aesthetic condition, and the leather lining works great to protect from scratches. The belt system allows the user to sharpen a wide variety of blade types, including pocket knives, kitchen knives, serrated blades, axes and tools, and more. The design also allows for very fast band changes, which includes 3 different band types ranging from grinding to precise sharpening. The MK2 also has 2 speed settings, one for sharpening and one for heavier grinding. Throw in a 3 year warranty and a price around $100, and it's very hard for any outdoorsman to find a reason not to own one!
MK.2 Sharpener Review from Shadow Valley Outfitters, AZ
I received the MK.2 yesterday along with the other goodies. Thanks a bunch! Today, I gave the MK.2 the ultimate test - I attempted to sharpen all of the cutlery at the fire station I worked at today! The knives at our fire stations are known for being terribly dull, which makes cooking all the more challenging at times. In about an hour's time, I sharpened 8 large butcher knives using the MK.2. I was extremely impressed as was my crew!!! One crewmember ordered one of his own as soon as I was finished. The MK.2 was super easy to use and already set up as I pulled it from the box. I found that the knives sharpened better on the 25 degree pocket knife setting over the 20 degree kitchen knife setting. In a matter of a few minutes, a butcher knife went from being the equivalent of a butter knife to an ultra sharp non serrated kitchen blade which could slice tomatoes with ease. I then took the MK.2 home and sharpened all of our kitchen knives. In 20 minutes, our kitchen cutlery was razor sharp and my wife was delighted!!! The sharpening bands were easy to change out and the honing band worked perfectly to put the finishing touches on the blades. It worked very well! I can and will certainly be recommending the MK.2 Work Sharp sharpener as a must have for all of your pocket knife and cutlery needs!!! Thank you again for the opportunity to provide feedback. Please let me know if I can answer any questions or help in any other way.
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Easy to use Repeatable
The angle guide adjusts between 20° and 25° to create precise, repeatable bevels on any knife.

Sharpen Fast, Power Grind
Switch between high and low sharpening speeds for more control or more power when you need it.

Sharpens any knife shape
Flexible abrasive belts conform to any blade shape, meaning you can sharpen all your knives, scissors, axes, mower blades, garden shears, shovels and more.

What’s in the Box?

Work Sharp Mk.2 Knife & Tool Sharpener
20° & 25° Sharpening Guide
65° Scissor Guide
(2) P80 Coarse Abrasive Belts
(2) P220 Medium Abrasive Belts
(2) 6000 Fine Abrasive Belts
User’s Guide and Quick Start Guide

SKU# WSKTS2-worksharp