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The MTNTOUGH 45-70 Program


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About The MTNTOUGH 45-70 Program

Initially designed for active-duty military personnel locked down with zero access to a gym or equipment who still needed to be prepared for rugged terrain & high elevation operations under the load of heavy packs. 


After additional testing in the Bozeman Lab, we have built upon these fundamentals to deliver a 45 day weighted pack training program specifically tailored to the mountain hunter.

The 45-70 is a progressive 9-week strength program that requires nothing but a backpack or rucksack. Utilizing your pack, we walk you through the process of building your own tiered weight sandbag kit, for a true strength training periodization. The 45-70 is the #1 program to build a strong foundation of fitness, all-around work capacity, and endurance with no gym or equipment.

When can I start the 45-70 Program?

You get lifetime access to the MTNTOUGH 45-70 program and you will get access immediately after purchase, so you can start at anytime and can come back to it year after year to prepare for the season.

What equipment do I need?

This is a heavy pack or weighted pack training program so you will need a durable pack, backpack or rucksack. We recommend sandbags for the weight progression that go inside of your pack, and we walk you through the process of building a very affordable sandbag kit in the program. Additionally, it is highly recommended that you have a pull-up bar for this program. Many MTNTOUGH'ers will build one in their home gym or garage, or order an affordable door jam pull-up bar.

What is included in the MTNTOUGH 45-70 Program?

  • 5 video-based workouts per week for 9-weeks
  • Mobile access, the MTNTOUGH 45-70 program is with you wherever you go, if you’re on a
  • smartphone, tablet or desktop
  • Bonus technique videos for difficult movements and dynamic workouts
  • Access to the private MTNTOUGH community, “The Lab” where you can connect, share, and collaborate
  • Accountability from MTNTOUGH athletes, like-minded individuals that you have an open line of communication with
  • Training support from the MTNTOUGH team
  • Lifetime access

You get more than just a personal trainer with the 45-70 Program, you get specialized, hunting specific training created by an experienced team. A team that includes die hard elk hunters, years of strength and conditioning experience, a former Navy SEAL, a former Army Colonel, Army Ranger and Westpoint Physical Education Instructor.

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The MTNTOUGH 45-70 Program